Posted on 06/10/22

These Are The 3 Most Common Questions By First Time Auto Shippers

These Are The 3 Most Common Questions By First Time Auto Shippers

Many questions will be asked by customers who are shipping their first vehicle. It can be stressful to let your car go by someone you don't know. Customers might be concerned about whether their car will arrive on time and safely. Customers who are first-time buyers will want to find out the average shipping cost for a vehicle of their size, what it takes, and when they can pick it up.

What did Will Shipping cost?

Shipping costs will vary depending on the size of your car, carrier type, distance, season, and where you are shipping. Naturally, a small car will cost less than an SUV or truck. A vehicle can only take up so much space on a car. It will cost more money if it takes up more space. The carrier will charge more if the vehicle is heavier than the limit. Both enclosed and open shipping have their advantages. Because it is more reliable and cheaper, open carriers are the preferred choice for 75% of customers. We recommend enclosed auto transport if you have a valuable or expensive car. It will be more costly but it will protect your investment.

It will cost more to travel a long distance. It is more expensive to travel close to hurricane season in the South or winter season in the North. This is because it is a more risky route. Shipping to or from a larger area or city will cost you less because there are more vehicles. Shipping your vehicle to a rural area will result in fewer vehicles being shipped, which can increase the cost. It will be more expensive if a carrier must travel off the main route.

What is the shipping time?

Shipping times will vary depending on where you live and the number of carriers in your area. It may take longer to ship cars to rural areas because the carriers require more time to reach them. While shipping a car over a longer distance may cost more, it might be cheaper per mile. There is no guarantee of delivery time once you submit your shipping quote. We will do our best to deliver your vehicle within the delivery time. We are not responsible for delays caused by weather, maintenance issues, traffic, or late customers.

How Soon Can I Get My Vehicle Picked up?

The carrier will bring your vehicle to you and pick it up. You have the option of either door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal shipping. This option might be less expensive if the terminal is close to your home. If you live far from the terminal, it is worth considering how much it will cost to store your vehicle. If you're not near the terminal, door-to-door shipping might be cheaper.

Contact Move Car Auto Transport today if you have further questions! All of your auto shipping concerns and questions can be addressed by us. We will ensure that your auto shipping process runs smoothly and create an enjoyable experience for you.