Posted on 06/10/22

These Are Reasons Your Vehicle Might Arrive Late

These Are Reasons Your Vehicle Might Arrive Late

It can be very frustrating if your auto transporter delivers your vehicle late. People expect their vehicle to arrive on-time due to moving to a new job or the weather. Sometimes, it can be disappointing when an auto transporter takes longer to arrive. Move Car Auto Transport strives to provide prompt delivery with licensed and professional auto transporters.

Here are some reasons your vehicle might arrive late.

Weather-Related Events - Often automobile transportation agents can be delayed due to unanticipated weather events. Although you can't avoid bad weather, if the transporter knows about a severe storm, they will likely delay transportation. It is best to plan your trip in advance if you live in the North.

Late Customers Bringing Their Car Customers can also determine if a vehicle is being shipped late. Because there are so many vehicles on the carrier it is important that everyone's vehicle be delivered on time. It will cause delays for all vehicles being transported on the carrier.

Heavy Traffic - Your vehicle is likely to be in traffic, particularly if it's being transported through major cities. It doesn't matter if there are roadworks, accidents, or too many people on the road, it is likely you will encounter traffic. It does not necessarily mean your vehicle will arrive on time, but it might not be in heavy traffic.

Mechanical Issues- A mechanical issue can occur to either one or both of the carriers. Carrier is like any other vehicle in that they can have mechanical problems that need to fix. A carrier needs to be serviced from one time to another, regardless of whether it has a flat tire or an engine problem. Before a vehicle is sent to the carrier, it should be checked for mechanical problems. Any problems will cause delays for all other vehicles on the carrier.

There are many reasons why a vehicle may be late delivered. Move Car Auto cannot guarantee pick-up times or delivery dates. We will however work diligently to get the pickup time and delivery time that you want. Call Move Car today to have your auto transported by reliable and experienced auto shippers.