Posted on 05/23/22

These Are 5 Tips To Save Money On Your Next Auto Transport

These Are 5 Tips To Save Money On Your Next Auto Transport

There seems to be a "hack" in everything these days that can help you save money. Auto transport is a cost-effective way to get your vehicle, whether it's a car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle, from A to B. However, there are insider tips that will help you secure the best price. Is your knowledge up-to-date?

5 Tips to Get the Best Auto Transport Price

  1. Get rid of all the junk. You may be able to transport your personal items in your car. However, if your weight exceeds 100 pounds, you might have to pay an additional charge. Check with your auto transport company to see if any special accommodations are required and how that will impact your car shipping cost.
  2. Be honest. You need to be clear about all details. Your auto shipper should know what type of car you are shipping. Also, tell them if it is inoperable, oversized or requires extra protection. These factors can have an impact on the cost of shipping your car.
  3. Be careful. Seasonality can have an impact on your car shipping cost. Snowbirds, for example, travel from the Northern regions of the country to the warmer southern parts. Their vehicles are transported during fall and spring, which can lead to higher prices.
  4. Meet your car shipper wherever it is convenient. If you want to make your life easier and don't have to leave the house, door-to-door shipping is an option. To get the best price on auto transport, drop off your vehicle and then pick it up at an easily accessible intake center near you.
  5. Leave the cover off. While a luxury car or motorcycle may require an enclosed carrier for transport, a standard vehicle can be shipped in an unenclosed carrier. This is the best option and most economical.

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