Posted on 12/22/21

There Are Many Things That Can Go Wrong When Someone Drives Your Car Across The Country

There Are Many Things That Can Go Wrong When Someone Drives Your Car Across The Country

What was the last time that you let someone else drive your car? Most likely, it's been a while. It was likely that someone else had been driving the car, such as a mechanic or valet. People are extremely protective of their cars, no matter if they're a brand they love or something they paid a lot for. They only give the keys to someone they trust when they have no other options.

This caution is very sensible. It makes perfect sense. Normally, you wouldn’t allow a stranger to drive your car around town. Even if you were the passenger. You suddenly feel comfortable letting a stranger drive your car hundreds of miles or even thousands of miles. It takes a lot of trusts, but drivers do it every day. They are faced with the daunting prospect of a long, tiring road trip and decide to trust a random driver. It's not surprising that many things can go wrong.

You might be surprised at how much. We have compiled a list of potential problems to help you understand the risks involved in letting someone drive your car long distances. Think about what could happen and then consider whether this is the best way for you to move your car across the country.

Stolen Vehicle

How can you be sure that the person you are giving keys to won't drive off? Stolen cars are not uncommon, but they do happen. The internet makes it easier for drivers to be available to drive cars all over the country. However, this also increases the chance of being scammed. A fake website created by criminal gangs looks just like a legitimate website. How can you be sure you are hiring someone you trust? You can do a background check and take a photocopy of the driver's license. Even with all these precautions, it's a risky decision to trust a stranger. This is especially true for collectors or people who have cherished cars they cannot part with.

Wrecked vehicle

Roads can be dangerous. Even the most cautious and experienced drivers can get into an accident. Sometimes, it is out of the driver’s control and completely unavoidable. Fair enough, most people who drive cars in the United States do their best to avoid any accidents. However, people are less careful in vehicles that belong to others than they would be in their own car. The risk of an accident, just like theft, is not likely, but it is not insignificant. Especially since you are unlikely to test a driver that you hire. Accidents could be minor or major. It doesn't matter what kind of accident it is, it can be very frustrating for you. Now you must deal with everything that it takes to get your vehicle home.

Unnecessary Tear and Wear

A driver hired for long-distance trips will likely claim that they are safe and responsible. You won't know if they are putting pressure on the transmission, pushing the gas, or driving fast. There are many ways to drive your car the wrong way. This can cause unnecessary wear, tear, damage, or age. It is possible to pick up your car and feel it is fine. You might think your vehicle is fine until you drive it again.

Hidden Costs

You negotiate a rate before you hire a car driver. You'll need to pay gas and the driver for their time. You may also need to pay for meals and lodging during the trip. Hidden costs can occur if your trip takes longer than expected or unforeseen costs arise. You may have decided to hire a driver for your car because it was cheaper than driving. You realize that the final bill is not a good deal once you have received it. It doesn't happen very often and it is possible to avoid this by understanding the agreement with the driver. It's still a risk that can cause buyers' regret.


We have already made it clear that there are many things that can go wrong between the time you give your vehicle over and when it is picked up. You might not get it in the state you expected. You might not receive it in the time you expected or the driver may demand more money due to unforeseen circumstances. Long-distance driving can lead to disputes. It is not uncommon, but it isn't unusual. These disputes can also get very ugly. It was the easiest way to drive yourself, so you hired a driver. It quickly turned into a heated argument that could cost you a lot of money and time. Is it worth taking that risk?


It is impossible to predict what might happen to your car if you are driving with someone else. There are many X factors you should consider. While most of these factors are not immediate, e.g What if the vehicle is stolen by someone other than the driver? Will you need to pay the driver for their return travel?  Anything is possible. This option is less appealing to some because of the unknowns you must accept when you allow someone else to drive.

Shipping Cars: The Best Option

There are two ways to ship your car. You have two options. One is to hire a driver, and take all of the above risks. You can also hire a vehicle hauler to avoid or minimize these risks.

What is the difference between a driver and a hauler? Your vehicle is driven by a driver just like you would. A driver drives a vehicle trailer, either open-air or enclosed, loaded with multiple vehicles. These trailers are likely familiar to you. The similarities end when you hire a driver to drive your vehicle in either situation.

A trailer makes it safer for vehicles to ride on or in. The vehicle doesn't accumulate miles and isn't exposed to road hazards. A car shipping company won't hire car drivers who aren't professionals, unlike those that hire nomads and retirees to drive cars. Instead, they will only hire drivers who have the right qualifications and have a track record of safety. You are better off hiring a professional driver to haul your car than a gig-seeker.

Car shipping is a lot like hiring a driver. You arrange for a pick-up at one location and then wait for a drop-off at another. The other side of the coin is to treat your vehicle as something you can ship, rather than something you must drive. This eliminates all the difficulties associated with vehicle logistics. Professional haulers are experts in finding the best way to transport your vehicle to where it is needed. They don't need to be in your seat, play with your radio, or mess with your mirrors. Most drivers will know which option is better.

Move Car Auto Transport – Your Car Shipping Partner

Move Car Auto Transport can connect you with vehicle haulers the next time you need to transport a car or truck, van, SUV/crossover, or collector automobile. You can get a free car shipping estimate by entering basic information such as make/model, pickup/dropoff location, running condition, enclosed or open-air transport, and whether it is open-air. You will then receive quotes from vehicle haulers according to your schedule and budget. It takes only minutes to set up car shipping. This gives you the confidence that comes with hiring a driver service.

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