Posted on 09/16/22

There Are Many Benefits To Working With An Auto Shipping Broker

There Are Many Benefits To Working With An Auto Shipping Broker

You might be surprised to discover that auto shipping companies have different requirements than transport carriers when you start your search. Although both can transport your vehicle to any location, there are many benefits to working with a broker over a carrier. We will examine these advantages in more detail.

What's the difference between an auto shipping broker & a carrier?

Brokers and carriers are different in that they operate the trucks that will transport your vehicle, while brokers act as middlemen by coordinating the shipment with a network of carriers.

What does it take to be an auto shipping broker?

A broker will reach out to their network to locate a driver to transport a customer's vehicle. Move Car is an experienced auto transport broker. They have a wide network of reliable carriers and have been in business for a while. They have access to many carriers throughout the country so they can find the right carrier for their customers, regardless of what vehicle they own or where they live.

What are the benefits of working with an auto shipping broker?

They have reliable carriers at their disposal.

There are many car shipping companies out there that aren't reliable and reputable. It can be hard to identify them if you are new to the industry. Your vehicle is valuable and you don't want it to be given to anyone. It is important to have an auto shipping broker who can assist you in these difficult waters. A broker has access to information about the carriers and can ensure that they only work with reliable and trustworthy carriers. So you can rest assured that your vehicle will be shipped by an authorized, licensed, insured, and certified driver.

They may offer lower rates.

Working with an auto transport broker is a great way to get lower rates than individual carriers. Because brokers work with many customers, they are able to provide bulk orders to carriers for better pricing. They also have access to all the routes that are most popular near you, which allows them to lower their prices.

They can provide quick delivery.

Brokers are more flexible than individual carriers. Brokers aren't bound to a particular fleet and can work with multiple carriers on different routes to ship your vehicle faster. You will also get faster delivery if they can track down nearby carriers that have open spots on their trucks.

They protect you against the unexpected.

Unsafe road conditions, severe weather, or even a breakdown can cause delays in carriers. You would need to either wait for the problem to be resolved with your carrier or pay more to have another carrier pick up your car. A broker could however quickly get your vehicle onto another truck.

These save time and effort.

It is time-consuming and risky to shop around for an auto carrier. This involves extensive research, verification of credentials, reviewing reviews, comparing rates, and figuring out delivery dates. A broker will take care of all the details for you. You will have a stress-free shipping experience because they handle all the logistics.