Posted on 06/30/22

The Value Of Visibility In Automotive Supply Chain

The Value Of Visibility In Automotive Supply Chain

The automotive industry has seen unprecedented changes and challenges: plant closures and manufacturing interruptions, shortages of semiconductor chips, a shift to electric vehicles, new regulations, a decrease in overall consumer spending, a shift to electric vehicles, new regulations, and a decline. All this while employees at automotive manufacturers, dealers, auctions, and dealerships had to deal and continue to deal with COVID, remote work, and financial uncertainty.

Everybody involved in automotive manufacturing, fleet management, consignment, or remarketing is always looking for ways to increase efficiency in their supply chain. Auto dealerships must be laser-focused on their inventory to recover from sales losses, the source used cars, and manage inventory. To anticipate revenue and manage customer expectations, they need to know where their vehicles are. Each vehicle's movement is crucial to the company.

According to research from Zippia, the supply chain is an integral part of any company's success. However, only 6% report complete visibility. This blog will explain why visibility is important in auto logistics and provide three strategies to achieve it.

Visibility in the supply chain is one of the key benefits

You can make better decisions and work more efficiently when you know exactly where your units are. You can have greater visibility into the supply chain of automotive parts.

Reduce risk: When you base your assumptions on auto movements, unexpected obstacles could disrupt your supply chain and cause a major disruption to your business. Transparency in auto movements allows you to see potential disruptions and plan accordingly. This is often done by avoiding problems before they occur.

Increase flexibility and resilience: Order visibility allows you to see where your vehicles are, and make any necessary changes to keep them productive. You can also communicate any updates with customers and vendors. This flexibility allows you to be more flexible and prepares your business for future market changes.

Improve customer satisfaction. Full order visibility can help you adapt to changing market needs. You'll be able to communicate with vendors and customers in real-time and manage their expectations. You can update customers and keep them informed if you have pre-sold inventory.

Increase your revenue. With accurate data and supply chain intelligence you don't need to wait to see what your competitors do. You can take action. You can capitalize on revenue-boosting opportunities by moving quickly.

A better understanding of your vehicle movements will lead to a more efficient workflow and higher productivity.

How to make your supply chain visible from end-to-end

You may be able to see your vehicle movements but is that enough? Do you think your business could benefit from greater transparency? Here are some practical strategies to achieve visibility throughout the supply chain.

Empower and Hire Employees:

Ask yourself: Can everyone who requires access to certain dashboards and systems see what they need? Sometimes technology is already in place but not the knowledge to use it. Specialization is required to ensure visibility throughout the supply chain. Are your employees aware of what is expected of them at each stage in your supply chain? You need people who are skilled in new technologies and processes to make the most of your system.

Get an expert in automotive logistics:

A partner in automotive logistics can help you recalibrate your supply chain and achieve the visibility that you need to succeed today and tomorrow.

Do you use different tools every day, or do you have a complete view of the whole thing? Are you able to react quickly if anything goes wrong? It is difficult to see a complete view of your supply chain if your systems are disconnected and information is scattered. An incomplete view can result in poor inventory management, incorrect ETAs, penalties, angry vendors, and unhappy customers.

Move Car provides logistics services that can be integrated with all your systems to provide a central view of your auto transport activities. Our proprietary technology and robust platforms are used by financial lenders, dealers, manufacturers, fleet managers, fleet management companies, and auction houses to increase their efficiency and lower operational costs.

Trust the process:

Now it's time for your employees to put the work into action. You have created the workflow, invested money in technology, standardized the data, and empowered them. Your employees can help to provide context and your 3PL partner can offer industry insight to help you make informed decisions. You can quickly execute new strategies and solutions if you have a complete view of your supply chain.

Although the need for visibility throughout the entire automotive supply chain is not new, it has been more prominently highlighted since the outbreak. Dealerships and companies involved in automotive manufacturing and remarketing will be able to see more of their operations if they have the right tools and technology. They will also be able to identify ways to reduce unnecessary costs and take advantage of new revenue-generating possibilities.

Move Car's advantage

Move Car Auto Transport has 15 years of experience working with dealers, auctions and rental car companies. We also have relationships with fleet managers, fleet managers, corporate relocation firms, financial institutions and manufacturers. Since day one, we have been tech-driven and can provide results-oriented solutions that will positively impact your company. Contact us today to learn more.