Posted on 11/18/21

The Toyota Prius C Is Already A Hot Seller

The Toyota Prius C Is Already A Hot Seller

When it comes to hybrids, excitement isn't something that is commonly used. High fuel prices are a common cause of hubbub, but enthusiast car magazines don't usually splash fuel economy ratings or other exclamation points on the pages. Despite the fact that small car buyers in America are large, they tend to be more interested in nameplates ending with suffixes such as Si, GTI, and SS.

Toyota Prius C

All three of these factors combine to create one car, a fuel-efficient hybrid small car. You wouldn't believe America would be so excited. The Toyota Prius C hybrid compact is fuel-efficient and extremely affordable. It also has very low horsepower and great mpg numbers. It doesn't seem to matter. It's not the case. The Toyota Prius C's hybrid compact status with very little horsepower is actually helping more than ever.

The Prius C was first sold by Toyota dealers in the United States on March 12. Toyota had sold 1201 Prius C hatchbacks by March 15. This is 400 cars per day. Toyota's press team wanted to emphasize that strong sales numbers make the Prius C even more popular than the Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt combined in February.

It's not difficult to see the huge number of cars that are sold each year in America. But it is worth looking at three other models. In March 2011, the regular Prius was purchased by 18,605 people. In March 2011, Toyota sold 689 Prii per hour on 27 days. The Toyota Camry was America's most-sold car. It sold nearly 49 units per hour or one per state every hour. The Ford F-Series was America's best-selling car line in March 2011, selling 1973 units per day.

This isn’t an attempt to discredit Prius C’s hype by making unfair comparisons. The Toyota LEAF and Volt comparisons can be counterbalanced by the Prius, Camry, and F-Series. The Prius C was a huge seller in its three-day debut. It was barely left on dealership pavement for more than three days. Prius Cs fill auto transporters across America.

Specifications for the Toyota Prius C

We should be amazed. The Prius C has a rating of 53 MPG in the city. This is the city's best place to drive a car this size. It also boasts 73 horsepower and a torque of 82 lb-ft. Toyota calls it 99 horsepower. According to, Prius C will get 46 MPG highway according to EPA ratings. This is a significant drop from the city rating due to its inability to turn off its internal combustion engine and use regenerative braking.

A Prius C is a different vehicle than a regular Prius. The C has 87.4 cubic feet of passenger space and trails the Prius V by 6.6 cubic feet. The larger Prius V is 9.6 cubic feet. Prius C's cargo capacity behind the rear seats is 17.1 cubic feet, which is a good figure, but Prius C has 21.6 cubic feet, and Prius V is 34.3.


However, the MSRP can be dramatically affected by sacrificing cubic feet. The Prius V starts at $26,400, which is $2400 more than the Prius. The Prius V, which is America's most popular car, starts at $26,400, $2400 more than the Prius C. You will need to spend $950 more on the Prius C Two to get cruise control, 60/40 split-down rear seats with adjustable headrests, and cruise control.

The Prius C Three costs $21,635 and features a sunroof as well as navigation and a smart key system. The $23,230 Prius C Four comes with alloys and fog lamps. It also has heated front seats made of SofTex. The average mpg for all four Prius C models is 53/46, but it's safe enough to assume that additional features and passengers will limit the car's ability to match those numbers.

It is unlikely that the Prius C will cannibalize Prius sales the same way a Hyundai Genesis does. Toyota sold 9821 Prius family cars in March's first. These include the Prius C and V, the third-generation Prius V, and the $32,000 Prius Plug-In. Prius C was on sale for only three days and accounted for 12%. This is a great achievement by any measure.

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