Posted on 07/27/22

The Question Is Whether To Drive Or Not To Drive

The Question Is Whether To Drive Or Not To Drive

When deciding whether to drive or ship my car, this is a classic question that many customers have difficulty answering. Many people answer this question based on another question in the industry: "How much does it cost to ship your car?" This is the most common answer. However, many people think that it is possible to save money by driving the car and taking a road trip. To really understand the cost of driving your car, I think you should ask a different question. "What's my time worth?"

The majority of people are very busy today. It is almost impossible to find the time to drive across country for 4-5 days without taking time off work. Another question you should ask is "How much will this epic road trip really cost me?" I'm referring to actually. :

"How much will this epic road trip set me back?"

  • Car Prep This is a long-term tip. Make sure your car is ready for the road. It is a good idea for your car to be oiled and checked for fluid levels, belts/hoses and tires.
  • Fuel This is obviously the most obvious. With fuel prices increasing (and seemingly always going up), average fuel cost can reach upwards of $4.00 per gal
  • Food: Gotta eat! You can't have fun on a road trip if you don't have quality snacks. You'll most likely stop 2-3 times per day for a bite to eat. This will run you around $30 per day.
  • Hotel: Gotta sleep! Let's face the facts, it is unlikely that you will ever spend the night in your car. You can expect to pay $70-150 per night for a hotel.
  • Absent Work: No matter your income, no one wants to go without pay for a few hours or use vacation days.
  • Plane Ticket This is not valid in all cases but it will be useful if you need to move your car on a single-way trip. This is $350 for a single-way ticket.

These costs can quickly add up, as you can see. We haven't even considered the potential wear and tear of your car, as well as the additional miles that a leased vehicle might incur. There is another factor, though it might not be directly quantifiable in dollars, that is just as important.

  • Stress: Dealing the uncontrollable like a mechanical breakdown, flat tires, getting tickets, dealing with bad weather, or being in an accident. You can have peace of mind by shipping your car with a trusted carrier.

Considering all the costs, factors and considerations, you may realize that the time it takes to ship your car is more valuable than the price.