Posted on 01/13/22

The Lowdown On Auto Transportation Tracking Services

The Lowdown On Auto Transportation Tracking Services

It is not common to track shipments in the auto shipping industry. The technology has had a significant impact on the industry but, the problem is that the industry is more resistant to change than others.

There is a formula for auto transport. But, more than that, the whole industry is art and science. New technology seems to be a threat to many in the industry. Although it's not true, this statement should give an idea of the issues you face when dealing with auto shippers.

Most auto transport drivers are down-to-earth people who earn their living driving. They don't have the time or the resources to spend online enjoying all the wonders that the internet has to offer like us.

It's rare that I have a job that requires me online 24/7. Although the internet is easier to access than it was five or ten years ago when I was driving a truck, it's still a significant advantage.

Many carriers use the internet to locate new loads, schedule deliveries and bookings and stay in touch with customers and brokers. While we've discussed how technology affects the auto transport industry, not every carrier has access to new technology that makes his job easier.

These tried-and-true methods have been working for years for shipping companies at least. Switching it up could be fatal. Why fix something that isn't broken? This mentality is shared by many auto shippers. Many carriers do not offer GPS tracking services for vehicles they ship.

Many do, especially companies with newer trucks and fleets of trucks. Knowing where your loads are located is crucial if you're a manager or owner-operator of a shipping company. There is a huge difference. While some shippers are part of a larger fleet managed by dispatch, most auto transport drivers work their own rig and are responsible for dispatch. It's not ideal but it works for many.

The owner-operators can go wherever they want and when they want. They choose their loads and their routes. Customers are not their only concern. Many of these owner-operators believe that you can call them to find out where your vehicle is located.

It's understandable. They don't have time to install a costly GPS-tracking system in their truck, and they also have a receiver that is monitored by the dispatcher. Some people view it as a violation of privacy rights. Some view it as a violation of privacy rights. Most just tell you to phone. It works most of the time, but it can be hard to reach a driver because they aren't allowed to text or talk while driving.

Although the pace of change in the car shipping industry is slow, more carriers are updating their trucks and tracking systems to make use of new technology. We track every vehicle that we ship, unlike other companies.

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