Posted on 05/26/22

The Cheapest Method To Move Across The Country

The Cheapest Method To Move Across The Country

It can be exciting to move across the country, but can also be very costly. You will be looking for the best way to move across the country, regardless of whether you are moving across the country to start a new job or to be near family members, college-bound students, or just to make a fresh start. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, an interstate move costs $4,300. This is just one expense you might have to consider. You can save money on your big move by following these tips.

Insider Tips 6 Best Ways to Move Across Country

  1. DIY moving companies can help you save money. A white-glove service may be able to take care of all the hard work involved in moving across the country, but it can also cost you a lot. You can also save money by moving your personal items yourself, such as packing, loading, and unloading.
  2. Freebies? You can get freebies! Many people who are moving across the country spend hundreds of dollars on packing materials. Although it may look uniform and help keep things organized, this can lead to unnecessary spending of dollars. You can ask your local grocery store to give you boxes free of charge if you plan ahead. If you inform them in advance, the produce section of your local grocery will have sturdy boxes with lids that they can save for you.
  3. Reduce gas consumption. How many cars are you currently parking in your driveway? Add in your bikes and the possibility to have a boat, and you have a lot of vehicles that can be transported across the country. You can hire a few people to drive the trip, but if you consider the cost of gas, your time, and the safety aspects of driving on unfamiliar roads, this might not be an option. You can save money on your cross-country move by using car shipping services.
  4. Be careful when choosing your moving dates. You will pay more to hire a moving company or use car shipping services. This may be the most cost-effective way to move across the country if you plan ahead and are flexible with your dates.
  5. Pay the bill to another person. When you move cross-country to start a new job, your employer may pay a portion or all of the moving costs. Be sure to negotiate as much as you can for the moving costs, especially during salary negotiations.
  6. Need some help? Do your brothers have a lot of strength? You can do a few favors for the firefighters in your area. A few favors can help you save money on professional movers. Your community is often willing to help you with a small thank you and a meal at the end.

Do Not Forget About Your Vehicles

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