Posted on 12/02/21

The Best And Worst Major Routes For Auto Transport Truckers

The Best And Worst Major Routes For Auto Transport Truckers

How many round-trip routes are available for truckers to get full loads each way and the highest total pay round-trip? Which routes should be avoided Here are the average Move Car vehicle rates over the past 30 days. Because Auto Transport drivers spend a lot of time loading and unloading vehicles, I am comparing routes using an average gross rate per day rather than per mile. Below is a detailed description of my methodology.

There are higher rates for to most popular destinations, but not coming back. But there are lower rates on shorter routes with low volumes. The key is to look at major routes that a trucker can haul a full load each way. The average gross revenue per day was $1,000. This is something to keep in mind when comparing rates on the best and most difficult routes.

First, the Best Routes:

#1 – San Francisco/Silicon Valley to Washington D.C./Virginia : $1,200/day

Because both of these locations present challenges, with narrow streets and steep hills, this route is the best. The average trucker can expect to earn about $200 per day or $3,600 round-trip.

#2 – New York/Newark Jersey, San Francisco/Silicon Valley - $1,160/day

Like the best route, New York is at the top of the list for truckers' "Least Favorite Places".

#3 San Diego to Washington D.C./Virginia - $1,154/day

The Washington D.C. metropolitan area is back, along with an out-of-the way California city that still earns a nice premium over the average rate.

#4 Los Angeles to New York/Newark Jersey: $1.153/day

You can take a more difficult route for almost the same price.

#5: Seattle to Washington D.C./Virginia - $1,133/day

Our top-routes list includes Seattle to Washington D.C.

Which Routes should be avoided?

#1 – Miami/West Palm Beach to New York/New Jersey: $747/day

July was not a good month to run to Florida so it's no surprise that this route is at the top. The migration South of the snowbirds should begin soon. This may be possible in August or September.

#2 Houston to Los Angeles: $796/day

Truckers looking to lower their rates may find this route attractive. However, there are many vehicles that can be used in either direction.

#3: New York/Newark Jersey To Orlando: $819/day

Similar to #1 above, July was not good for East Coast to/from Florida.

#4 Los Angeles to Orlando: $866/day

Only slightly more was the West Coast to Florida.

#5 Dallas to Philadelphia: $965/day

This route is slightly less than average.


With the aim of comparing trucker rates based upon the following criteria, I tried to find apples-to-apples comparisons based on enough data. Also, to ensure that the market is large enough for truckers to get full loads in both directions, I examined the rates paid to truckers.

Data criteria:

  • Vehicles that were dispatched in the last 30 Days (7/1/14 to 7/30/14)
  • Only single-purpose fully operable vehicles
  • Only compact, small and midsize sedans
  • There are no special features or classic cars.
  • No enclosed trailers. Open trailer transports
  • There are no guarantees or special services.
  • To and from major US cities
  • Move Car Auto Transport must be able to dispatch at least two loads in each direction in the past 30 days. (The average was 4)

To compare different routes, it is better to use loading and unloading times than a cost/mile. Based on 600 miles per day, the Rate/Day calculation was made using 2 days to load, then 2 days unload, and then 2 days to reload, before finally being unloaded. Multiply the per-vehicle rate by 10. This assumes 10 small cars. Although a smaller truck might have fewer vehicles, it can still accommodate larger vehicles that pay more. This brings the total rate to about the same as a 10-car hauler.

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