Posted on 04/07/22

The Basic Process Of Car Shipping

The Basic Process Of Car Shipping

You probably haven’t thought of shipping cars unless you’ve moved around the county. This is a service that most people may not need more than once in their lifetime, if at all.

However, when an emergency arises, most people don't have basic guidelines. This is what happens once the truck has been assigned.

Your driver will call you to give an estimated time for pick up, usually within 24 hours after the arrival. Although drivers like to be on time, they can be affected by weather conditions or traffic.

While you won't be required to wait for the truck to arrive, it is possible to be flexible and have someone on standby. The truck will arrive at your home and load your vehicle as long as it can access your address safely.

Because the hauler can transport multiple vehicles, he or she will need to park in an open area away from traffic. If your location is not suitable for loading, the driver may ask you to meet him nearby.

Your driver ships cars to other customers in the same area, going the same way. Open auto carriers can transport 7 to 8 vehicles from other customers at the same moment as yours.

Enclosed carriers cannot accommodate more than one vehicle at a given time.

During transport, your vehicle might need to be offloaded to unload/load another customer's vehicle.

Drivers who are transporting cars are subject to regulations. They are restricted in terms of how long they can drive per day, must take breaks for lunch, and must sleep at night. Drivers are prohibited from driving and using cell phones simultaneously in many states. This means that your driver may not always be available to make or receive updated calls.

You will need to make your final payment before delivery. COD (cash upon delivery) is the standard.

The average transit time from coast to coast is seven to ten days. Your driver will call you within 24 hours to give an estimate of their arrival time.

As mentioned, they will deliver to your address provided that your street is safe.

This should give you an idea of how to ship cars. You can reach us at 866-854-1023 with any questions regarding car shipping or just use our free rate calculator.