Posted on 05/16/22

The 2022 New Car Buying Guide

The 2022 New Car Buying Guide

You should be an expert in car shopping if you plan to buy a new car in 2022. There are many deals available, as well as tips and tricks that can be used to save your money, reduce stress levels, and ensure you get the perfect vehicle for you. The good news is that car buyers now have access to more information than ever. With online car shopping growing, buyers also have more control.

Statistics To Know Before You Go Car Shopping

  1. car buyers spent a staggering 59 percent of their time online researching in 2016.
  2. 53% of automotive internet shoppers prefer mobile phones for searching for information about their vehicles.
  3. new car buyers spend on average 12 hours and 31 mins on their buying journey. Used car buyers spend on average 15 hours and 20 minuts.

The Ultimate Car Buying Guide

Leasing Versus buying a new car or truck

The Bottom Line On The Ongoing Debat Wives and husbands debate this topic in American households. Each side is likely to have a strong argument. Which side is right? Should you buy or lease a new car? It depends. It is not a one-size fits all solution. (Sorry to all who think they are right!)


Supporting Leasing - Car prices continue rising. The average car price will rise to $35,000. It's simple. Manufacturers face stiff competition as well as rising labor and material costs. Leasing is a popular choice for many auto buyers because of this.

  1. Leasing allows the consumer to get a vehicle, truck or SUV for a lower monthly cost than purchasing. In other words, leasing allows you to drive more cars for less money.
  2. For those who want to own a brand new car, leasing is a great option. Leases typically last between two and three years. This means that you can swap your slightly used car for a newer model every few years, and still enjoy the fresh car smell.
  3. Leasing is almost always easy. The car is at its most reliable (during its first few years of low mileage). For added security, the warranty typically covers it.
  4. Business owners who lease their vehicle for work-related reasons may be eligible to receive tax benefits.


Why some customers prefer the buying option The price of leasing is now higher than it was. The price of leasing a car is increasing in recent years due to many of the same reasons as buying a car. reports that even for non-luxury vehicles, the acquisition fee for leasing has risen to $1000. The routine lease-end fees are also on the rise, reaching $400 or more. Leasing costs aren't as affordable as they once were.

  1. The lease usually limits your annual mileage. Leasing may not be the best option for you if you travel a lot or have a long commute.
  2. You must keep your lease in excellent condition. If you do not maintain your lease in a reasonable condition, it could cost you money. A lease may not be right for you if you have children who are rough with your vehicle or make mess in the interior.
  3. A car lease is similar to a monthly payment of an inexhaustible loan. It is impossible to "pay off" your lease without paying the monthly fee.
  4. You do not own your leased car. You can't modify your car in any way, including tinting windows or engine modifications.

Used vs. New Vehicles

Not All That's Shiny is Gold - This new car smell makes many people excited to shop for their dream car, one that has never been driven by another person. It's not hard to love shiny, bright things. The truth is that the financial benefits of purchasing a used car (or slightly used car) can often outweigh any thrills of buying a new car.

The case for buying a new automobile

Although almost every aspect of purchasing a used car is cheaper than buying a new one, there are some notable advantages to purchasing a new car.

Time-saving There's no need to bring your car to a mechanic to check its accident record, or drive around looking for unusual sounds.

Financing options New cars often come with incentives, such as cash rebates, and better interest rates.
The latest technology - All new cars are equipped with the most advanced tech to make your driving experience more enjoyable and safer.

Smart buyers buy used cars

Smart, financially-savvy car buyers prefer to buy used cars. The depreciation factor is their primary reason for choosing new cars overused. The cost of ownership is $15,000. If you buy a new car at $30,000 and can sell it for half of its original value three years later, that's $15,000 less than the price of the car. If you are in the market for a car this year, there are some other reasons to shop used.

Higher buying power You might get more cars for your money because of the amount you'll save on depreciation. You might not be able to afford a new Mercedes-Benz, but you may be able to afford a 5-year-old model with low mileage.
Lower ancillary fees - In most cases, your cost to register and insure your vehicle will be lower. Before you drive your new car off the lot, it is important to research these costs.
Reliability trends Cars are safer and more reliable than ever before. Even though your car is five years old, it still has miles to go before any problems arise other than normal wear and tear. The stigma of an unreliable car is gone.

Shopping Buying a Car Online Increases Your Buying Options

Do you like the idea of hopping from your home to your new or used car while wearing your pajamas? That's a question we are sure you answered! Online car shopping is growing from car vending machines such as the ones promoted by Carvana, to e-Commerce pioneers such as eBay. It's also much easier and safer than you might think, as is all online car buying. Before you start your online car search, make sure you read these tips:

Avoid fraud. It is important to be vigilant in today's world. Do business only with reputable companies. Never wire money to anyone you do not trust. Don't be rushed by the seller. This could be a sign of something wrong.
Do your research. Understand the car's worth and current condition. Verify the information provided by the seller.
Plan to transport your vehicle. If your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle is located outside of your state, are you able to drive it home or will you have to use a shipping company? Be sure to compare the prices of any seller who offers this service with those offered by Move Car Auto Transport. Be sure to ask how your car will be shipped to you.

Move Car Auto Transport is the leader in car shipping, serving customers since 2010. We can help you get your vehicle home safely and affordably. Every car shipping service comes with world-class insurance and a risk-free guarantee. We have the nation's largest carrier network and are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

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