Posted on 06/13/22

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Exotic Cars

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Exotic Cars
  1. Aston Martin - There will be decades of waiting before a new model is released. The V8 range was created and the DB7 was made after 20 years.
  2. Porsche - Porsche actually lost money on every 918 that they built due to exceeding their research and development budget.
  3. Ferrari - The emblem of a historic racing horse on the car does not represent the car's enormous horsepower. It is instead a tribute to Francesco Baracca (WWII-era Italian flying ace), from whom it was taken. Ferrari was told by Baracca's mother to put the symbol on his car after Ace died.
  4. Maserati – Made in the 1950s, there were different models of Maserati scooters that could be gender-specific. The T2/U frame was for men, while the T2/D step-through was for women.
  5. Lamborghini – The name "Lamborghini" is derived from the names of bullfighters. Both Lamborghini Diablo and Lamborghini Murcielago (bullfighter) were inspirations for the name. After a Matadorian fighting style, the Lamborghini Estoque model was named.
  6. Rolls Royce – Most interiors in the Rolls Royce have been hand-crafted. Champagne flutes can also be manufactured.
  7. McLaren – Their F1 gearbox prototype has been tested on a Chevy 454 big-block V8.
  8. The Ford and Ferrari owners had a rivalry, and a new car was born. Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari argued for the Fort GT40. Ford was close to purchasing Ferrari, but Ferrari's control over the racing team prevented any negotiations.
  9. Bentley - There is an ice driving school in Finland that caters to Bentleys. This school is for you if you want to reach 200 mph in an automobile worth nearly a quarter-million dollars on ice.
  10. Lamborghini – The first vehicles made by this legendary company were actually tractors. These tractors are still produced today by another company but maintain the same design standards that Lamborghini.

You might be interested in purchasing an exotic car. Take a look at the history behind these iconic brands. Every day, car companies amaze us with their dedication and hard work in producing internationally-recognized cars.