Posted on 11/19/21

Steps to Follow When Transporting Your Car

Steps to Follow When Transporting Your Car

When hiring an auto transport company for your car, there are several steps you need to follow. Focusing on the important things will ensure a stress-free experience. You should only follow a few steps to transport your car. Although car shipping isn't difficult, there are essential things you should consider when transporting your vehicle across the country or state. We will focus on the main points you should consider when looking for a car shipping service. There are many auto shipping companies available. Do your research to learn how you can find reliable and professional auto transport companies.

These are the steps to follow when you transport your car.

  • Check with the auto transporter to verify the type and amount of insurance they have. Request a copy of the policy and read it carefully.
  • Before loading your car for shipping, the auto mover must complete a Bill of Lading/Inspection Report.
  • Ask the car shipping company for information about their payment policies and methods. A booking deposit is required by most auto transport companies. This can be paid online or over the phone. You will need cash, money order, or cash to pay your auto mover at the pickup/delivery date. Ask about shipping costs.
  • Check the delivery and pickup times. Inquire about when and how you'll receive your car shipping agreements. Also, what happens if the terms and conditions aren't followed through. You should be able to understand the process of auto transport and the how-to in every scenario.
  • You will need to pay customs duties and fees if you ship your vehicle overseas. It is not fixed. The fees will vary from one country to the next. Your car shipping company can provide information about these fees. International moving your car takes more planning. You can find additional tips for overseas auto shipping that will assist you in getting your car shipped internationally.
  • For customs duties, you should contact the consulate or embassy in the country where the car is being sent. Ask them about any special rules, taxes, restrictions, or fees that may apply when the car arrives at its destination. This is important because some countries don't allow imports of certain cars. This service may require you to pay fees. It is important to determine if door-to-door car delivery is allowed and, if so, what fees you will be charged for each day your car park at the port. To be allowed to drive your car through customs, you may need to provide some documents such as an international passport or international driver’s license. It can be difficult and time-consuming to ship your car internationally or move it across oceans, especially if you're a beginner. It is not only expensive, but it also requires a lot more paperwork. Expect to incur additional costs. In addition, some luxury or newer cars might be subject to import taxes at up to 40% of the vehicle's cost. You should hire an international car shipping agent to ship your vehicle overseas.
  • Depending on which car shipper you choose, some cars may be transported in poor condition or are not running. Others won't. Before you hand over the car, it is important to inform the car shipping company of its current condition. Transport companies require that the person authorized to pick up and deliver the vehicle is present. He/she must sign that the car has been received in good condition.

These are the main steps you should follow when moving your car within the US or across the Atlantic. You can find more information in the Car Shipping Tips section of Move Car or the FAQ section.

Do not hesitate to ask for your car shipping costs