Posted on 11/17/21

Soups On Mixing Good Company

Soups On Mixing Good Company

January is National Soup Month. This year, we have needed it more than ever thanks to the Winter Storms Gorgon & Juno. Fortunately, I live with an amateur cook, so winters worst is behind us, we have just become more creative with themes or ingredients.

After spending so much time creating new combinations and considering stock options, I discovered that a great company is in many ways a good soup.

Success Recipe

Move Car's owner started working from his home in 2010 as a broker, with a few auctions and dealerships and transporting to the East or West coasts. He knew that there was a niche market for inbound and outbound shipping to customers. He was able to acquire his first large account, and two trucks within a year. This marked the beginning of the carriers section. After seven years of following a clear plan and investing the right components, Move Car Auto Transport is now a nationally recognized business.

A strong foundation for your business

A good base is the foundation of a great soup. Move Car's base is a commitment to customer service at all stages of vehicle transportation. The dedication of those who support this base would not allow it to last. Our team is always open to suggestions and listening to customers' concerns.

Keep it together

Although chicken soup is good for your soul, moving customers' cars, their most valuable possession, requires a more substantial dish. The right thickeners are necessary to ensure that the soup is served in a better way, whether it's in a bowl or out on the road. The strength of our company comes from the fact that all members of our team, from Logistic Support to Claims to Dispatch to Development are industry experts. Everything we need is kept in-house to ensure smooth service. What about the nuts? Our job does not end with the delivery of your car. Our specialized support team will make sure that the customer is satisfied no matter what time it is.

Mix, combine... and blend

The best ingredients complement and enhance one another as well as the final product. Each of our employees is unique and has irreplaceable knowledge, experiences, and opinions. The most important aspect of this medley is the way we work together as teams.

Because of their positive, open, and friendly communication, employees with exceptional customer service skills make great colleagues. All staff are given a voice and encouraged to express their opinions and offer constructive criticism. The company culture breaks down the barriers between the front and back of the house and encourages open and respectful communication.

On the employee's one-year anniversary, a customized cake is presented.

Engage to Invigorate

Without a little spice, no soup is satisfying. Our office has a coffee machine and a water cooler. Each year, staff are honored with a personal cake and weekly recognition for their high achievements.

The best thing about working here is the supercharged outings. The last company-wide event was a literal Xtreme Xperience, where employees had the chance to experience the power and performance of exotic supercars at Autobahn Country Club.

You can add a pinch of spice to most soups and groups. It won't overpower, but it will bring out the best in your food.

The Executive chef

As the chef d' cuisine is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the ingredients of a soup work together, strong direction and clear mission statements are crucial for a productive office environment. Move Car managers are positive and lead by example. Leadership that helps staff to understand the corporate goals and fosters a sense of belonging is a way to build deep commitment to the company. This will make it a great company, and, more importantly, a great place for employees to work.