Posted on 07/04/22

Snowbirds Mystery Solved

Snowbirds Mystery Solved

The cold winds of the North blow across the streets, bringing with them cold rains and the first signs of winter. Most of us reach for our closets to find sweaters, heavy jackets, and scarves. Warming up to tea or apple cider is what we long for. It is rare to venture outside for fun, so we begin to crave warmth in our stomachs.

Snowbirds: From Ice in North to Hot Sun South

Not all of us. Some people see the start of winter as the time to get out the summer clothes and run after the sun until spring comes back. Meet the snowbirds.

According to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine there are approximately 9 million snowbirds who have moved from colder climates to warmer places under the sun. These summer-lovers are also known as "winter Texans", "gray nomads," or "sun chasers".

Who are these snowbirds, you ask?

Snowbirds are retired people from the Northeast, Midwest, and Canada who spend most of their winters in warmer locations usually states like Florida or Arizona.

Snowbirds were once a group of retired people or people in the early stages of their careers. But today, more people are joining the army to chase the sun. The advancement and development of communication technology has allowed workers to be able to use smart phones, laptops, PDAs and video conferencing to work remotely from anywhere. Who would turn down the chance to have sugary white beaches, instead of snow? Or make a Christmas tree out of palm leaves?

Where does the sun lead the snowbirds? These are the most popular destinations for snowbirds:

Hawaii has paradise-like settings for those who want to live in them. Snowbirds travel to warmer climates and spend a lot of time away from their homes. It's natural to long to recreate the feeling of home, even though it may be miles away from your familiar surroundings. Feeling at home means having all your possessions close by, including your car. The same car that has been driving you around the neighborhood, to your friend's home, and to the bar, the same car that has been transporting groceries from the supermarket will make you feel more at home.

Some snowbirds choose to keep their cars and drive them to summer destinations, while others hire auto transport companies to safely transport their vehicles to any destination. It is a good idea to leave your vehicle in the care of professionals. Most snowbirds will hire a car shipping company. However, there are many companies available today so they need to be cautious and avoid falling for a car shipment scam.

It's easy to use an auto transport company for shipping your vehicle to your snowbird destination. Driving requires a significant investment in both time and effort. Depending on the distance you travel, even more, money may be required. You want to spend your vacation in style and comfort. Send your car to start your snowbird migration right!

You might consider shipping your car to make it easy to get to your snowbird destination. Find out how much it will cost to ship your car from the northern part of your country to the southern part. Get an instant quote now - no personal information required!