Posted on 01/03/22

Six Tips To Transport Your Car To Another State

Six Tips To Transport Your Car To Another State

You can ship your car to another state for many reasons. Perhaps you are a car enthusiast with valuable cargo, moving across the country, or gifting your car to someone else out of state. It doesn't matter what reason you have for shipping your car to another state. You need to do your research to make sure that the process goes smoothly, efficiently, and as cost-effectively as possible. Do your research to ensure you get the best car shipping service. Move Car Auto Transport's car shipping experts will help you understand how to move a car from one state to the next.

1. Choose the right auto transport company to ship your vehicle

You will have many options for car shipping companies if you live in a large metropolitan area, especially one that transports a lot like Los Angeles or Miami. You will not have many options to transport your car from one state to the next if you live far away from major interstates.
How can you tell if a shipper is trustworthy? Google Reviews is a great place to begin your research. Trustpilot is another great website to check out. After you have read all the reviews, make sure to double-check with the Better Business Bureau. It is important to ensure that the shipping company you choose is reliable and knows how to ship your car.

2. Calculating how much shipping costs for cars from one state to another

You might ask someone you know who has shipped a car from one state to another. You're likely to get their feedback and find out how much it cost them to transport their car. You'll need to do additional research and outreach. When you are evaluating potential companies, make sure to research their prices by visiting, clicking, calling, and visiting brick-and-mortar locations. The best car shipping companies today offer instant online quotes to allow potential customers to get accurate and fast estimates in seconds.

3. Choose your type of transportation: Open-Air Transport vs. Enclosed Transportation

You have two choices when shipping your car: enclosed or open-air transport. An enclosed transport covers your vehicle with four walls, a roof, and a floor. Open-air transport allows you to move your vehicle without an enclosure. The choice of which one you choose will depend on the car model and your specific needs.

If you drive down any American freeway for long enough, you will see new cars being transported by open-air transport. Open-air transport accounts for nearly 97% of all US vehicles. Statistics show that open-air transport is nearly as safe as enclosed transport.

If you don't believe in the safety and reliability open-air transport is better than enclosed transport, then consider this: Enclosed transport costs on average 33%-50% more than open-air transport.

Also, you should note that the number of enclosed trailers on roads throughout the country is much lower. This means it will take you longer to transport your car from one state to the next if you use the enclosed route.

4. Get your Auto Shipment Scheduled Early

These are some things to consider if you're planning an auto-shipment to another country for the first time. Although your car may appear to be taking a straight line, this does not necessarily mean your 18-wheeler's route to transport your vehicle is straight. Cross-country transporting vehicles is a complicated logistical problem. A transport trailer can travel all over the place picking up vehicles, dropping them off, and running into situations that could slow down the process.

This is why you need to plan accordingly. These are the general guidelines for long-distance car transport:

  • It will take you between 100 and 500 miles to complete in 1-2 days
  • It will take you 2-3 days to cover 500-1000 miles.
  • It will take you 3-4 days to travel 1000-1500 miles
  • It will take you 4-5 days to cover 1500-2000 miles.
  • It will take you 5-6 days to cover 2000-2500 miles
  • It will take you 6-7 days to cover 2500-3000 miles.

Before you shop for auto shipping quotes to move your car from one state into another, get estimates from companies on the shipping time.

5. Get your car ready for interstate transport

After you have selected a car shipping company and a method to ship your car, you must prepare the vehicle. Contrary to many items that can be shipped via the post office, FedEx, or UPS, which usually require minimal preparation, your vehicle will need to be prepared.

Do a thorough interior and exterior cleaning. That way, if there are any scratches, dings, scuffs, cracks, etc., you don't get into a your-word vs. the shipping-company's-word situation. This situation can be avoided by shipping with an established company. After you've done a thorough wash, buff, clean, make sure to take photos of your vehicle.

Next, fill your gas tank for about a quarter. This will allow the car to travel from its trailer to its new location without stopping at a gas station. It also ensures that the vehicle has enough fuel to load and unload the car from the trailer. Car shipping companies should have about a quarter of a tank of gas to help reduce the truck's payload as it travels across the country.

Take all personal items out of your car, including the trunk and glove compartment. Additional items can add weight to your vehicle, and they are not covered by shipping companies' insurance plans.

When you are preparing to transport your vehicle to another state, it is a good idea also to get rid of any toll road beacons. Toll service representatives will usually reverse any charges if they charge you for the vehicle's travel from one point to another. Reach out to them. They will most likely reverse your charges after they receive proof of your auto transportation shipment. This can be done by sending them an email confirmation or receipt.

You must then hand your keys over to the truck driver. You will need the driver to load your car onto the trailer.

6. Get the essential documents you will need to ship your car to another state

Although it is a good idea to have your registration, title, and proof of insurance with you at handoff, most shipping companies do not require that you show these documents.

Ensure that your car is covered during cross-country moves. Although all transport companies will cover your car under their own insurance policies when shipping your car, it is better to have additional insurance.

There are reasons to transport your car to another state

Shipping your car to another state is better than driving it. There are many reasons. You likely have many time-consuming tasks to do when you move states. For example, packing up your home and changing your work schedule. You can make your life easier by shipping all your vehicles. You can leave the details of shipping your car to another state up to professionals and get one item off your to-do list.

Additionally, adding hundreds of miles to your car can make it less attractive for resale and shorten its lifespan. Your car may be more likely to break down on the interstate if it is a city car. This can cause major headaches during a move. You can reduce the stress on you and your car by having it shipped during a big move.

Last Steps: What to do once your car arrives

You may be the one waiting to have your car unloaded from the trailer at drop-off, depending on your circumstances, or you might be a friend, family member, or both. Your car may be delivered to your driveway or dropped off at your home. Door-to-door service tends to be more expensive than lot-to-lot service. You should know which one you are paying for so that you can plan for pick up.

It is possible that you shipped with a company that is responsive to your needs and keeps you updated about the whereabouts of your vehicle throughout the shipping process. Your driver will verify that the identification of the person picking up your car matches the one you provided to the shipping company once it arrives.

When your car touches the road again, make sure you inspect the interior and exterior of the vehicle with the driver from the car shipping company. You might not notice a slight dent or ding at first, but you will see it later. You'll be able to see the evidence in photos that the dent or the ding was caused by the time spent on the trailer, rather than driving around your new community for two weeks.

After inspecting the vehicle, sign the bill of lading the trucker will give you. You can use the bill of landing to file a claim with your shipping firm if you find any additional dents or damage on the vehicle. These types of claims are uncommon with reputable companies because they use safety-first drivers that ensure that most cars are delivered on time.

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