Posted on 04/26/22

Signs Of A Bad Car Shipping Company

Signs Of A Bad Car Shipping Company

You will likely have a list that you need in order to hire auto transport companies. Even if the transport company meets your requirements, you should be alert for signs that a poor auto transport company.

Auto transport is growing in popularity, so it's becoming harder to find honest businesses. They may make false promises and then not deliver. This can result in damaged vehicles, missed deadlines, and, at worst, cars that don't arrive.

You want to make sure that the person you hire is capable of handling long-distance moves like Los Angeles to Dallas, or Chicago and Florida. These warning signs are indicators that a poor auto transport company is most likely to fail.

6 Signs for Auto Transport Companies that are Bad

This list will help you when you contact auto transport companies for the relocation of your car, truck, or motorcycle.

The price is very low or high

An honest auto transport company will not only offer a reasonable price but will also reflect the actual costs of shipping a vehicle. Scammers will try to convince you that the price is too high and then increase the cost of shipping your vehicle. Scammers will try to rip you off by charging you too much. You want to keep prices within a reasonable range, based on your research about the costs for your particular transport route.

The Name Game

Unscrupulous transport companies may use names that are very similar to those of reputable auto transport companies. People are misled into believing they are looking for positive reviews online and other information about the fraudulent transporter when in reality it is for the legitimate one.

Negative Reviews

Many people are aware that there are negative reviews about every company online. This is the nature of the internet. Some reviews may not be legitimate. The trend in online reviews should however be positive. Do not ignore negative reviews that complain about the same problems.

Poor Customer Service

A good auto transport company will treat you with respect from the very first contact. They should also provide clear information about the process. To quickly obtain a quote, you should be able to access an online tool.

Scams in Car Buying

Some scam companies will buy your car if you list it for sale and then direct you to an auto transportation company that doesn't exist or control it. They will ask you for money to transport your car, then disappear with your money.

Deposits are not refundable

Some companies won't bother to pay attention to this detail. Legitimate companies will require a deposit or cash orders prior to delivery. If you are asked for a deposit upfront, it is best to look into policies like Move Car. This policy allows you to cancel your shipment and receive a full refund if the truck arrives at your address.

These are just a few of the issues you should be looking out for when searching for an auto transport company. You can quickly eliminate the unprofessional companies and focus your attention on the legitimate ones that offer the best price and service for your car transport job.