Posted on 11/10/21

Should You Use A Local Auto Transport Company Or A National Company

Should You Use A Local Auto Transport Company Or A National Company

If you are looking for an auto transport company to transport your vehicle from one state to the next, your search results will likely include both companies with hubs all across the country and a few local ones. Although it might seem natural to choose a local company, remember that local is better for your vehicle than local.

And, especially if your vehicle is being moved across state lines, will need to be arranged by a company that has this level of experience. An auto transporter that is able to operate across the country is often the best choice. This post will explain why.

In short The auto transportation industry.

Transporting cars and trucks is a big business. There are many auto transport companies competing for your business locally and nationally. These companies may be working with thousands of truckers in some cases. Others are small, independent companies with only one or two trucks that hang their shingle.

The auto transport industry has its fair share of bad apples, as is the case with any industry. These companies overpromise and then fail to deliver, or leave customers out of the equation. A bigger national auto transport company is better for moving your car from one place to the next. You can quickly browse through hundreds of testimonials to see if a company can handle any special requests, gets the job done, and respects customers.

Who is the local transporter?

Most companies only have a few trucks, as we've already mentioned. These mom-and-pop auto transportation companies are the best choice if you need to ship your car locally. It can be comforting to work with a local company. Perhaps they are family-owned and managed. It's great to be able to walk into an actual office to receive a quote.

Is the local company able to get your car there? While it is likely that your car will be delivered to the right place, this should not be your sole consideration. It is important to consider whether the item will arrive at your destination and if they can deliver it to you where it's most convenient. You might be surprised at the results in either case.

National auto transport companies use heavy-duty trucks to carry up to 12 cars. Local companies might use smaller trucks or tow rigs. Tow trucks are able to move cars over short distances, but they won't be the best choice if you need to move your vehicle from one state to the next. Although smaller companies may be able to transport your car from one location to another, they will take longer. It's a lot slower. This is because fewer trucks mean fewer routes are served, and fewer vehicles on each truck mean fewer ship dates.

Do local auto transport companies offer lower prices?

Sometimes, yes. But the catch is that it is often true. Although it is not unusual to see small shippers advertise cross-country ship prices as low as $500, the likelihood of actually getting that rate is very slim. Transporters are more likely to spend their time on routes that generate money. The deeply discounted rate is only applicable to certain routes and not routes that see the most action. It is possible to book and wait months for a shipping time - if one is available at all.

However, some local carriers charge more for cross-country shipping because they do less and are not able to do it as efficiently or as often as larger companies.

Local auto transport companies may offer to move your vehicle from one city or state to another for $500. Pay attention to any company that asks for a deposit but does not specify a ship date or if the booking contract contains a no refunds, no exceptions clause. You might not be able for them to deliver at that price. This will leave you scrambling to find another transporter and you lose any deposit. If you have a time frame, it's possible to pay a lot more to another company for expedited service.

Book with national auto transport companies

The vast network of insured truckers that move cars and other vehicles throughout the United States will be available to auto transport companies operating nationwide. This network is so extensive that you can instantly get a shipping quote and have your vehicle moved from one state to the next without waiting. Here are the top benefits of working with a national company instead of a small mom-and-pop business:

24-hour customer service -Local businesses turn off the lights at night and lock the doors after dinner, but large auto transport companies are available to provide information and quotes for customers. A representative is available to answer any questions and reassure you that your vehicle will arrive on time.

Speedier pickup times - When an auto transporter has haulers located in all major cities (and some of the less important ones), it is possible to get your ship date faster and get your car quicker.

There are more pick-up and drop-off locations than you might think. When you need to transport your vehicle from one state to the next, you don't want it to be a long trip. You will find more pick-up and drop-off options with auto transport companies that serve the entire country.

Higher insurance quality -Transporters who service all 50 states have greater chances of having great insurance as they must meet all requirements.

More routes-Shippers pick routes for many reasons. But, the most important thing to remember is that customers can get lower prices if they have more routes. To minimize fuel costs, traffic time, and detours, companies work hard to make every trip as efficient as possible. You'll receive a lower price if there is a route close to you.

Larger trucks = Lower prices - Another reason that national companies are able to offer customers reliable service for competitive prices is that they fill larger carriers. It's more profitable to transport 12 cars than it is to move two or three. Companies can charge less per vehicle while still making more.

Considerations when selecting a transporter

You can shop locally, or roll the dice to get reliable transporter service nationwide.

Moving your car from one place to another cost

While bargain hunting is fine, it's important to remember that you only get what you pay. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Before you make a booking, get multiple quotes from different transporters. Keep in mind that these quotes can be affected by many factors. Shipping larger vehicles are more expensive than shipping smaller ones. Moving your car from one place to the next will be cheaper than shorter trips. You will pay more if your vehicle needs to be at its destination as soon as possible.

Company's policies and procedures

It is a smart idea to research the policies and procedures of a company before you book. How do you book? How do you determine your ship date? Is it possible to store cargo in your car? What do you have to do once your car has been delivered? These are questions that a representative of the company should be happy to answer.

The pros and cons of each carrier option

Numerous carriers options will be available to large national auto transport companies. You will have the option to ship a car via an open carrier or an enclosed carrier. While open carrier shipping is the most common and cost-effective option for your car, it is not the best. However, if your vehicle is very valuable or delicate, you might want to consider shipping in an enclosed container.

Company's reputation

Although reviews are not everything, it is possible to find a company with good online reviews that have been recommended by friends or family. You should be selective. After all, they are putting your most valuable asset in their hands.

Specialty Services (if you require them)

Although many auto transport companies transport thousands of modern cars and SUVs, they have very little experience with classic vehicles, luxury cars, or trucks that are inoperable. If you need special handling for your vehicle or just white-glove service, ensure that the auto transport company you choose is able to deliver it.

It can be difficult to choose an auto transport company. But resist the temptation of booking with the guy next door because he is in your neighborhood. When you have to move your vehicle from one state to another, the first thing to do is research and get multiple quotes from various transporters. You will make smarter decisions if you know more about local auto transport companies.