Posted on 11/17/22

Should You Ship Or Pick Up A Car You Buy Online

Should You Ship Or Pick Up A Car You Buy Online

Congratulations! You have finally achieved your goal - you have found and purchased the car of (online) your dreams. This is phase 1. Phase 2 is what? You have two options when it comes to getting it home: either pick it up or ship it. This blog will explain the pros and cons of each option so that you are a knowledgeable buyer at every stage.

New Car, New Challenge

Online buying means that you can save yourself the hassle, time, and stress of going to a dealership to buy your car. The bad news is: It is important to determine the best way to ship it to you. If it is close to your home, picking it up would be a good option. It's often not. Here are some ways to deal with it.

Tips to Ship Your Car

  • Consider the pros and cons of having the dealer deliver it. As long as it doesn't take too much, a dealership may be willing to deliver it. Shipping your vehicle can help you save time and hassle if it is located on another side of the country or state. You can shop around for car transport companies and narrow down the ones that offer the best price, comprehensive insurance, and the best reviews. These three '3' are the key to finding the right company.
  • Be flexible about delivery dates. Choose a reputable, experienced shipping company. Don't be surprised if they charge hidden fees. You will need to agree on a delivery date. You'll be better off if you plan ahead and are flexible about shipping due dates.

While most shipping companies will try to accommodate you, they might not be able to guarantee the date that you requested. Why? Uncontrollable variables like the weather and road conditions, and unexpected detours. However, they should be able to provide an accurate window.

  • Think out of the box. Take into account the time and place you want your car to be shipped. You should allow extra time for extreme weather conditions, whether it's summer or winter. What are you not allowed to compromise? The shipping company's quality.

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