Posted on 11/01/22

Should I Inspect My Car Before And After It Has Been Shipped To Me

Should I Inspect My Car Before And After It Has Been Shipped To Me

There are some things you can do to make sure your shipment goes smoothly. Accidents and other issues can happen, so you need to make sure your vehicle and you are covered in case of an emergency. These are the steps to prepare your vehicle for shipping.

Inspection of Your Car Before Shipping

  1. Clean Up Your Car - This is the first step to getting your car ready for inspection. Make sure you clean your car's interior and get rid of any personal items. You should clean out your car's interior before you ship it.
  2. Wash Your Vehicle - Next, wash the exterior. It is essential to wash your car quickly in order to remove dirt and see if any dents or scratches are present.
  3. Take pictures- This step is very important and you don't want it to be skipped. Take photos of your car from all angles, including the interior and engine. Before you hand your car over to the transport company, make sure to note any scratches, dents or other damage. If you require proof of current pictures, make sure to include a date stamp on your photos.

To protect themselves from fraudulent claims, the auto shipping company must also inspect your vehicle. You are required to be present for the inspection.

After Shipping, Inspect Your Car

  1. Compare With Your Photos - Take a look at your vehicle from the inside and outside. You can compare any scratches and dings to your photos to confirm that they are not already there.
  2. Check for damages- Inspect exterior mirrors, door handles, and cracks on glass or windshield for damage, and make sure all tires are inflated. Check all doors and windows for damage. Roll your windows up and down and make sure all locks are functioning properly.
  3. Test Drive - Take your car for a quick drive to ensure it runs smoothly and listen out for unusual sounds.

You should inspect your vehicle thoroughly upon delivery to ensure that there are no damage or omissions from transport.