Posted on 02/11/22

Shipping Your Car In The Summer Vs Winter

Shipping Your Car In The Summer Vs Winter

The cost of shipping a vehicle can fluctuate depending on the season. This could impact both the length and the cost. With other factors such as the destination or route, summer could be a good time. ship a car.


Shipping your car in the summer can be slightly more expensive than shipping in the winter. However, it will take less time for the shipment to arrive as there are more carriers and less inclement weather. This is due to the fact that summer is more popular.

Prices are increasing across the entire auto shipping industry and not just at specific companies. Fuel prices are generally higher in summer. Due to the higher cost of gasoline, auto shipping costs will also be slightly higher.

As mentioned, summer is a better time to transit. It is much less likely that there will be blizzards or other obstructive weather which could make it impossible to travel. It is, therefore, easier for auto carriers in summer to travel uninterrupted and on time.


While shipping a car to winter can take longer than normal, it may cost less. Due to lower demand, there may be fewer carriers or people willing to accept certain shipments. This is dependent on the price. This can reduce the price, but also increase transit times.

We mentioned that inclement weather can also play a part in increasing transit times for auto transport during the winter months. Drivers are forced to slow down or stop for the weather due to snowstorms and icy roads.

This is not usually the case if your car is being shipped to southern states during winter. This is another demand-driven phenomenon. However, a greater number of people ship their cars south every winter. These people are often called "snowbirds". This creates more demand, which in turn increases shipping costs. You should plan your car shipment as far in advance as possible.

Which one is best for you?

It will depend on your budget and when your car needs to be delivered. The distance that you ship your car will also play a role in determining the budget. Do you plan to ship your car across the country or just a few hundred miles? Your shipment's distance could make a difference of hundreds of dollars.

It is better to ship your car in the summer than in the winter. This is because your shipment will be faster and you are less likely to experience delays due to weather. Weather-related delays are possible at any time, but they are less common in summer.

Get your car ready for shipping

You will need to prepare your vehicle for shipping no matter what time it is.

  • Have your car's exterior cleaned. The driver will inspect the vehicle for any damage. The driver might not be able inspect your vehicle if it isn't clean enough.
  • Take out personal items. Any insurance that you have for your car shipment does not cover personal items damaged or lost during shipping. You are responsible for any items left in your vehicle during transportation.
  • You must be available for both pickup and delivery. In order to sign the bill and give/receive keys, you will need to be at the car's pickup and drop-off. A valid ID will be required. You will also need to show proof of identification.


No matter what time you ship your car, shipping it is easy. You should be aware that prices and transit times can fluctuate according to season. No matter when you plan on shipping your car, it is important to get a free quote from all companies before you make any other decisions. You can request a quote online today or by calling us.