Posted on 09/28/21

Shipping Your Car Across State Lines

Shipping Your Car Across State Lines

If you are confused when you should hire some transport company to transport your car, there are several reasons behind doing so. As far as students are concerned, they transport their cars to and from their campus. Many of you would be absolute car enthusiasts. Thereby, you may find some amazing deals across the state. The one who is at the selling end always wants to tap into a rather broader buyer audience. Above all, the most common reason among many others for people to transport a car to another state is relocation.

Hey, are you also relocating? Here’s a solution for you also. It is always a good idea to transport your car as part of your move rather than driving it across the country yourself because transporting it would be much safer and less expensive for you. Else, you would be stressed out for a road tip on top of your move if you do it yourself. Thereby, you can easily focus on settling in your neighborhood and having your car delivered safely from one state to another. On the other hand, it is not that simple to get your car from point A to point B, it is the first step. Thereby, in order to relocate, you would need to follow a few steps and have your car first registered and insured in your new destination.

We totally understand it can be hectic to ship your car from one state to another. Therefore, we have here compiled a few tips that would help you a lot in this regard. You would need to learn about choosing a reputable transport company, later what should be the preparations as you get to your new hometown, how you can register and get your car insured. Most importantly, what documents you might need along the way.

Reasons to transport a car to another state instead of driving it

There are several reasons that can make you ship your car to another state instead of driving it yourself. Thereby, we are here going to let you know why you should hire some reputable transport company to do this for you.

Able to move multiple cars:

Many of the families among our audience would be a two-car family then in such a case there is a need of some better alternative to ship. That is to make multiple trips. If you ship both of your cars then you’d make your journey together with your partner or maybe one parent would stay with kids if they are very young.

To ship your car to another state can be cheaper:

We know that many of you assume driving yourself to some other state is comparatively less expensive. However, the reality is way different because there are other factors that affect it including hotels, gas, food, cost of wear and tear etc.

On the other hand, if you hire someone then you’d only be paying for the services and the trip cost.

To ship your car can be less stressful:

If you plan to move to another state, it can be quite stressful as you would have to deal with many things. There are logistics of relocation to consider as well as road trips with your kids. Above all, driving your car yourself can be pretty horrific.

Your car will be safer on a carrier:

On your way, you would need to face some dangerous routes as well. Whereas, the drivers that you hire from a reputable company are extremely trained and experienced that they drive defensively avoiding accidents. Alongside, your car will also be safe from any possible wear and tear while being on a carrier.

The documents that you will need to ship your car to another state

Different moving companies would require different documents to ship your car to some other state. If you choose Move Car, you can check our help center in order to collect all the required information.

We are here making you aware of a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Car’s registration and title: You would need this once you visit the DMV. But it would not be a requirement anymore when shipping. Then what would be needed when shipping? The answer is your keys and vehicle only!

Driver’s license: Again, there would be no need of presenting your driver’s license when shipping. However, you will still need to make an appointment to get one in your new state.

Insurance proof: We would highly recommend you to make your vehicle insured first when you are shipping. However, it is not required in the first place. You can go for the insurance of your choice for your car.

Calculating how much car shipping is from one state to another

Keep in mind that every transport company will provide you with its own estimate which would be different from some other transport company. However, you will probably find that there is not a great difference between them. Thereby, there are a few factors that are important to take into account in order to calculate the cost of car shipping to another state. We are enlisting them for you.

  • Firstly, the make and model of your car.
  • Total distance that your vehicle will travel.
  • The mode of transport that you have chosen.
  • The cost of fuel used for transportation.
  • Your pickup and drop off locations.
  • Season and weather conditions applicable at the time of your transportation.
  • Whether your vehicle is operational or not.
  • Lastly, the value of your car.

Furthermore, the easiest way for you to calculate the cost of shipping your car to another state is using a car shipping calculator. It is rather the best way to have a rough idea of how much you’d be paying for the shipping. You’ll just need to enter all the relevant details about your car and your destination, the online tool will do the rest for you.

Finally, when you are done with picking the carrier of your choice, you’ll make your car prepared for shipping. You have to make time for a few tasks within your moving timeline. These tasks may include:

  • Clean up your car.
  • Give your car a bumper-to-bumper inspection.
  • Get assured that the gas tank is only a quarter of the way full.

And BAM! You are good to go.

What you will need to do once your car arrives

Once your car arrives then there are other formalities that you’ll need to complete including transferring your registration and insurance to your new state. You can get your paperwork done by dealing with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This is because you would need those documents now at this stage.

The drawback if you fail updating your car’s documentation after shipping across the state lines can be in the form of penalties. Alongside, you need to update your auto insurance timely so that it meets the minimum requirements. Lastly, in order to complete your registration in the new state, you will be required to show your proof of ownership as well as some other documentation that can be a lien release, which is required by the state.

Need to change your title and registration: Better to keep in mind that in most of the states, you will need to pay a fee and you will be showing:

  • Your ownership proofs
  • The proof of insurance
  • Your government issued ID
  • The proof of inspection
  • As a proof of address, your utility bill.

You can note it down that if your car has a lien, you should be mentally prepared because your title transfer can be comparatively complicated. However, there are also states that do not issue titles, in such a case there would not be any need to do a title transfer after you are done shipping your car to another state.

Avoiding the DMV headache

We all know that what is done online and in person differ greatly from state to state. There are a few changes that now can be done virtually. Thereby, the DMV website can generate for you a custom moving checklist. This would be based on the source zip code, destination zip code, and moving date. In addition to this, the checklist would include:

  • Personal to-dos
  • Information about services of relocation
  • Action items related to your car
  • Your new home related to-dos

There would also be links for you related to the requirements for each of your action items.

Additionally, in some cases the visit to the DMV is the need of the hour. Therefore, in such a case it is important for you to make sure that you have everything that would be required to update the title of your car and registration so that you can make your visit to DMV less of a hassle!

You can be at ease because we have good news for you. Most of the information that was needed when you were shipping your car would be used here at the DMV. However, you may still need to bring some additional documents which you can count as bad news. Therefore, to make yourself avoid a lot of headaches, if you are in doubt about bringing any specific documentation. We would recommend you to bring it anyway!