Posted on 01/24/22

Shipping Vs Driving Discussion Methods Of Transporting A Vehicle

Shipping Vs Driving Discussion Methods Of Transporting A Vehicle

We humans like it to be simple. It doesn't have to be so simple that we don't face any challenges, but it should be easy enough to make the tasks we do not feel like chores. The same applies to transporting a car.

It can be difficult to understand the auto shipping industry. We have written many times about how to get the most out of this industry and make your experience more pleasant. There are limits to what you can do to make it easier.

There are many options when it comes to shipping vs driving and the different methods of transporting vehicles. We will discuss the pros and cons of each shipping method and help you choose which one is right for you.

An Overview of Driving vs. Transporting a Vehicle

Human history is a part of the process of moving. Relocation is the most important factor in the history of humanity. Moving out of Africa, the Silk Road, and exploring the oceans, Manifest Destiny is the recurring theme in all of these stories. It's about the relocation of something.

There are many reasons you might ship your vehicle. However, the most common reason is to move. Moving is more complicated when you move further away. Moving a vehicle rather than driving it yourself can greatly simplify your relocation.

However, auto transport isn't necessarily the most affordable. It's not too expensive considering the current state of the world. It's still a significant expense that most people can't afford without some planning.

You need to plan ahead when shipping a car. You need to find a company that can handle it at a fair price. You also need them to be flexible with your schedule and available on the dates you have. You must also be available for work, even for whole days. This is different if the vehicle were driven by you. Both require careful planning, especially when the distance is long.

Both transporting a car and driving it yourself have their positives and pitfalls. In this article, we'll be discussing a few.

The pros and cons of transporting a vehicle: Time and transportation

Shipping a car is a better option than driving it. Driving long distances can cause financial problems and make it difficult to manage your time. Auto shippers work for a living hauling cars on large trucks all day. You could argue that they are experts in long-distance transport and should be trusted.

Truck drivers who drive cars know their routes well. They know the intricacies and which parts to avoid as well as the best shortcuts. They are able to travel from coast to coast in a matter of days. Although you may think it's a long-distance, long-haul truck drivers must follow laws that limit the distance they can travel in a single day. It is amazing that they can often complete a cross-country trek in less than a week.

Although the 5-7 days it takes to cross-country may seem longer than the 2-3 days required, that is still 2-3 days you won’t be driving. You won't need to worry about your vehicle, or how it'll be moved for those days. This is a great benefit, especially in the middle of stressful interstate moves.

Pros and cons: A penny saved is a penny earned

It is difficult to discuss the cost of transporting a vehicle and driving it without mentioning the associated costs. Both options will have some cost. The question is: What are you willing to pay?

Let's first discuss the cost of auto transport. There are many factors that affect the cost of shipping your vehicle. These include the distance between pickup/delivery. When it comes to the cost of having your vehicle shipped, mileage is the most important factor. The simple truth is that shorter distances will usually cost less than those over longer distances. Long-distance shipping, such as from coast to coast, will cost more.

These costs are further impacted by the type of vehicle being shipped and the exact pickup and delivery locations. Shipping small cars is cheaper than shipping large pickup trucks or SUVs. The auto transport cost tag is usually higher for larger vehicles. Weight is a major factor in determining the cost of a vehicle. Because they are built differently and weigh more, heavier classic cars will cost more than lighter modern vehicles.

Fuel costs are another factor. The overhead costs of auto transporters are included in the price they charge to ship your car. Prices are therefore considered all-inclusive. However, if you drive the car yourself, fuel costs will only be as high as your fuel mileage. Depending on how big your tank is, your vehicle can get 22 MPG on the highway. However, this is not the only expense to consider when driving long distances. What will you do for sleep? Where will you sleep? You could spend more if you ate at a hotel or restaurant than if the vehicle was shipped.

Pros and cons: Wear and Tear

We've already talked about time and price. But what about maintenance? Every vehicle needs maintenance, regardless of its make or model. If you want your car to be in top condition, it will need oil changes and tire rotations. What is the worst thing that can happen to a car? Driving it.

The trucks used to transport auto vehicles are made to withstand the elements. Although they have a high maintenance threshold, that's normal. Freight companies have to maintain their fleets and vehicles. This is why shipping costs are included in the overall price.

You will be responsible for any damage or wear to your vehicle while you are driving it, unlike when you ship it. It might not be as costly for distances less than 100 miles where you can drive the car yourself for a few hours. For cross-country trips, however, it's necessary to have your oil checked before you depart and again when you reach your destination. After you have finished driving, tire rotations and tune-ups will be required.

All of this costs money, and time. You may not have the money or time to do it all.

Your vehicle is shipped by. The only time your vehicle touches the road is during loading and unloading. Shipping saves you all the miles you would have to put on your odometer if it were you driving it. Shipping saves you the hassle of having to change your oil and rotate your tires if you choose to ship. This is in addition to any other maintenance that may be required for your vehicle. Shipping seems to be a better choice in this respect.

No matter what you choose, you're right

We are not saying that shipping your vehicle is worse or better than driving it. We just want to make sure you are informed. It will make your shipment much easier if you have all the information.

Transporting a vehicle is less stressful than driving it yourself. Shipping a vehicle can be more costly and take longer than driving it. There are many variables involved. However, everyone can compare prices and avail services.

Fill out our quote request form to receive an instant quote to ship your vehicle. This is an all-inclusive cost that will not increase. You'll be able to compare the cost of the vehicle. This information can be used to determine the cost of driving the vehicle. To get a quote, you can either fill out our online form or call us during normal business hours to speak with one of our representatives.

We can answer your questions, provide a quote and tell you more about the auto transportation process. No matter what your decision, Move Car can help you.