Posted on 06/10/22

Shipping Of Auto Transport By Open Or Enclosed Means

Shipping Of Auto Transport By Open Or Enclosed Means

The most popular types of auto transportation are open and closed transport. Open transport is preferred by some people over closed transport. Different transport types can be used to meet different needs, whether it's for financial reasons or protection.

Open Auto Transport

Open transport offers the most affordable way to transport your car. These carriers do not provide protection against elements like enclosed shipping, so your car might be dirty. Open transport carriers can be double-decker trucks, which can carry many cars. They can hold 7-10 cars depending on the size of your vehicle. You can also find smaller carriers that can carry only 3-4 cars. This is the best transportation option for you if you're okay with your car being exposed. This transportation can be compared to purchasing a coach ticket on an airplane. Open transport is preferred by 75 percent of customers because it is reliable, affordable, and hassle-free. There is always the possibility of your car being damaged by any type of carrier. Move Car is licensed, insured, and bonded so that any damage to your vehicle will be covered.

Enclosed Auto Transport

If you own a classic or valuable car, enclosed shipping can be worth the extra expense. Enclosed shipping is recommended for cars valued over $70,000. This is similar to a first-class ticket on an aircraft and offers exceptional service. It will protect your car from flying debris and elements. Enclosed carriers can carry 1 to 2 cars or up to 6 cars. Enclosed auto transport is safer for your vehicle.

It's easier than ever to ship your car. You can ship for the vehicle you need, choose a carrier that suits your budget, and arrange for pickup at your home. You can get your car from A to B in less than a minute! Call Move Car today for a smooth auto shipping experience.