Posted on 05/19/22

Shipping Costs From State To State

Shipping Costs From State To State

The not-so-new, but very popular option for vehicle owners is to ship cars from one state to the next. Auto transport can be used to allow you to shop for a car, relocate to another state, or send your children off to college. Once you start to think about car shipping as an option for your auto transport logistics problems, your thoughts will turn to the cost of shipping cars. Here's the car shipping cost guide.

The Cost of Shipping Cars from State to State

How do you ship your car?

It will cost more to ship a car from Maine's rural outskirts to Colorado's remote areas than it would to ship a car from Miami to West Palm Beach. While distance is important when calculating the cost of shipping a car from one state to another, it's also important to consider specific factors. Your state-to-state car shipping cost could rise if you live in an area that is difficult to reach or has high traffic congestion.

What kind of car do you ship?

It will be more expensive to ship an SUV than a sedan, regardless of whether you are moving across state lines or across towns. Your vintage or high-end car might require an enclosed car to protect and secure it from the elements. This could affect your price. To ensure a precise price quote, make sure you give your auto transporter all details about the vehicle that you plan to ship from one state to another.

When is your car shipping?

Shipping costs for cars can be affected by seasonality. You may be able to save money if you can choose the best time to ship your vehicle. Regions can have different peak seasons. The Northeast to Florida routes are highly sought-after in spring and fall due to Snowbirds who winter in Florida. You should research the area to see if there are spikes in car shipping demand that could increase your cost.

Do you have any special requirements?

You have many options when you work with a full-service car shipper to meet your state-to-state auto transport needs. You can choose door-to-door delivery or ask for special protection for your car while it is being transported. You might choose the most common and cost-effective type of carrier, the open carrier. If you have your car delivered to a convenient car shipping center, you can get a price quote for car shipping.

Selecting a Company to Transport Your Vehicle Out of State

Move Car Auto Transport is the industry leader and the best place to start planning your state-to-state car shipment. Move Car Auto Transport has been providing top-quality, affordable car shipping services to America's vehicle owners since 2010. Move Car Auto Transport can help you with auto transport anywhere in the United States, the world, or even across the street.

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