Posted on 05/30/22

Shipping Costs For Cross Country Cars

Shipping Costs For Cross Country Cars

Moving from NYC to LA, or Miami to Seattle can be a complicated task. It can be daunting to ship your vehicles across the country, especially if you have many vehicles and don't have the time or patience to drive. Many car owners want to know the cost of shipping their cars across country in order to budget and ease the burden of long distance moving. Budgets can be tight, but you must also consider the time you spend driving across the country, fuel costs, and your safety while you travel on the roads.

All you need to know about cross-country car shipping

  1. Timing is everything. Car shipping timing is important. Shipping cars across the country can be affected by seasonal patterns. It all depends on the route you choose for your car transport. If you're shipping a car from Michigan in late Fall to Florida, it might fall in the "snowbird season". This is when retirees from this area go to their summer homes to escape the cold winter. There are other demand patterns throughout the country. To understand how car shipping patterns might affect your region, it's a good idea for you to consult your auto transport specialist.
  2. Consider the vehicle's type and the transport it will require. The type of vehicle is an important factor in determining the cost of shipping cars across the country. An oversized Hummer will be more expensive to ship than a Toyota Prius. But let's find out why. There are three types of vehicles that can be transported across the country, enclosed, flatbed and open-carrier. This is the standard-sized vehicle transporter and the most economical. Picture the truck that hauls new cars on the highway. This option is available for most standard-sized vehicles.
  3. Shipping costs can be affected by special requests. The price of your car shipping across the country will depend on the quality of the auto transport company. However, these special requirements may be considered when calculating the final price. The cost of shipping your car across the country may increase if it is damaged, inoperable, or needs extra care.

Choose a reliable, cross-country auto shipper

Auto transport could be the best option for you and your family if you have to move across the country. Move Car Auto Transport has been helping vehicle owners to ship their cars across the country seamlessly, affordably, and safely since 2010. You can either get a free online quote or work with our team of car shipping experts to determine the cost of shipping cars across country.