Posted on 04/22/22

Shipping An ATV Some Things To Consider

Shipping An ATV Some Things To Consider

Many great destinations offer adventure opportunities with all-terrain vehicles. This is why they account for a large portion of the auto transport industry. Although many people are comfortable driving their ATVs and UTVs themselves, it is sometimes more practical to have them shipped. Many people would rather have their ATVs or UTVs shipped to them so that they can travel easily and without having to worry about the logistics. These are the top considerations to make before you contact a company to ship an ATV or UTV.

Company Research

When you begin looking for companies to ship your ATV, there will be many options. To determine which company is the best, do your research. You can look up their website and read reviews about their service. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's website can be used to find safety information about a company. You should be cautious about a company that hasn't been around for a while, isn't well-respected, or doesn't have a website. You should remember that potential shippers should be willing to answer your questions.

Insurance Coverage

ATV shipping companies must have minimum insurance. However, there are some that offer greater coverage. If you don't feel the coverage provided is sufficient, you can always choose to add coverage. No matter whether you choose to add insurance or not, it is important that you ask any shipper about their insurance policy and answers all your questions. Although accidents are rare, it is possible. It is important to understand how companies will handle it in the event of an accident.

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Service Options

There are many options available when shipping an ATV. Shipping method and delivery location are the main options. An ATV can be shipped in either an enclosed or open carrier just like a motorcycle or car. Open carriers are the most common method of transport, however, many shippers offer enclosed options if you have any concerns about privacy or weather. Your ATV can be shipped to a particular location or delivered to the terminal where you picked it up. These options can affect the cost of shipping ATVs so it is important to have a clear understanding of your needs before you contact a transport agent.

Multiple Estimates

Last tip: It's a smart idea to broaden your search when contacting shippers for an estimate. There are many prices, so it is worth contacting several companies to save money and to get a better idea of which ones offer the best service. To gauge the professionalism and level of preparation, ask questions when you contact companies for a price quote. Once you have spoken to several shippers, you will be able to get a clear idea of your needs.