Posted on 02/24/22

Shipping A Car Has Never Been Simpler

Shipping A Car Has Never Been Simpler

It's easy to ship a car here at Move Car.

We have simplified vehicle shipping into five easy steps. Below you will find a list of these steps to help you get an idea about what to do when shipping a car.

1. Get an Instant Auto Shipping Quote

You can instantly review the cost of your transport by using our quote calculator You can also call us to speak with a pricing specialist. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about shipping a vehicle.

2. Get your Shipment Booked

You can book a shipment online at any time via our secure online booking portal. You can also call your designated transport coordinator to schedule your shipment by phone. You will be issued a booking number upon scheduling your shipment. This will allow you to track your shipment status online 24 hours per day. We will keep you updated on the status of your shipment in real-time and provide helpful information throughout transit.

3. Carrier Assigned

Our dispatch department assigns your shipment a carrier according to your preferred route and timeframe. Once a pickup is scheduled, we send an automatic update with the expected pickup and delivery dates.

4. Vehicle Pick-up

Before arriving, the driver will contact the pickup contact person. To verify the accuracy, both the driver as well as the pickup contact will inspect the vehicle. The vehicle is loaded onto a carrier and sent to its destination.

5. Vehicle delivered

Before arriving, the driver will contact the person responsible for delivery. After the vehicle has been offloaded, a final inspection takes place to make sure that it arrives in the same condition as when it was picked up. The driver is responsible for paying any balance owed.

Move Car proves that shipping a vehicle is easy.

We want to make vehicle transport as simple, safe, and economical as possible. We are available to answer any questions you may have about your shipment. Our customer service department is open for extended hours for your convenience. We will keep you updated every step of your journey. Our website allows you to track your vehicle online in real-time. We are glad you now have an idea of what to do when shipping a car. Let us know when you're ready to move!