Posted on 06/13/22

Shipping A Car From California To Hawaii

Shipping A Car From California To Hawaii

Move Car offers many popular shipping routes. The most popular route is from Hawaii to California. It takes a lot to plan to ship your car from Hawaii to the USA states.

Get Your Vehicle Checked By a Maintenance Guy

You should check for maintenance issues before you ship your car. Check fluids, tire pressure, and battery. Transporting loose items can cause damage of hundreds of dollars to your car. Transporters are not responsible for your belongings. Make sure you take out all personal items before the transporter arrives.

Take Photos Of Your Car Before Shipping

It is wise to take photos of your car prior to shipping. These photos will show you the car's condition before shipping. You can show the carrier the photos of the car before it was delivered if there were any scratches or dents. In the event that your car arrives damaged, this documentation will be helpful. All damage to your vehicle will get covered by our insurance, licensing, and bonding.

How to Transport Your Car from Hawaii to California

An auto transporter is required to pick up your car when you ship it from Hawaii to the USA. An auto transporter will place your vehicle on a carrier and transport it to port. The cargo ship will pick up your shipment and drop it off at a trailer.

Roll on Roll Off Shipping

People who ship from land to sea often use roll-on roll-off shipping. Shipping a car via sea using roll-on-roll-off is the best way to move it. This is the easiest and most popular way to move a car. You simply need to roll your vehicle onto a carrier vessel, and when it arrives in Hawaii, you can just roll it off.

Container Shipping

There are two options for container shipping. Regular container shipping costs less than roll-on roll-off, and all cars are included in the cost. You get extra protection for your vehicle and weathering. It is necessary to fill the ship before it departs. This makes it more difficult than rolling on roll-off shipping.

Private Container Shipping

Private container shipping can increase the protection of your vehicle. Every vehicle will be shipped in its own container. This protects it from the elements and other vehicles that could cause damage. Although this shipping method is more expensive than other options, it's worth it if your car has a high-value paint job.

Arranging for Pickup

You will need to arrange pickup once your vehicle has been shipped from Hawaii to California. You have two options: pick up your vehicle at the port, or have it delivered directly to your home. Although door-to-door shipping can be more costly, it is usually less expensive if you consider the extra cost of vehicle storage at port. Contact Move Car Automotive today if you're interested in one of our most popular routes like Hawaii to California!