Posted on 10/20/21

Shipping A Car Can Be Affordable And Hassle Free

Shipping A Car Can Be Affordable And Hassle Free

How Is Shipping a Car So Affordable?

In the past, $500 was all it took to ship your car from coast-to-coast in the U.S. Technology and more efficient methods have helped streamline the auto transport industry, and have reduced costs. However, rising gas prices and increased specialized services have repelled those savings. Today, auto shipping from coast to coast would cost at least $1,000 per vehicle.

The question is: How far can you get a car shipped to ship for $500? This blog post will look at some numbers that show the distance you can ship a car for $500. Let's start by talking about the best way to ship your car.

Two major options are available when shipping a vehicle. Both of these choices will impact the final cost. The first option is the type and method of transporting the vehicle. Open air carriers that can transport multiple cars at once are the most affordable option. The cost is split in several ways. An enclosed carrier, which usually only transports one or two cars at a time, is an alternative option.

This is tied into the second option: the delivery method. You will pay more if you have your car delivered directly to your residence. This is called door-to-door car transport. You can have your car delivered to a terminal and then picked up by you. 

Let's sum it all: The best way to find auto transportation for $500 or less is by choosing an open carrier with delivery to a shipping terminal.

What Distance Can I Ship a Car for $500?

Shipping a car depends on how far it is being shipped. A car that is shipped 200 miles will be more expensive per mile than a car that is shipped 700 miles. Rates can start at 50 cents per mile on the lower end. It can reach as high as a dollar per mile at the higher end. To get an idea of the current costs, let's look at some numbers.

  • Las Vegas, NV to Salt Lake City (UT) - $495
  • Los Angeles, CA to San Francisco CA - $447
  • From Jacksonville, FL to Nashville TN - $481
  • Indianapolis, IN to Washington, D.C. $437
  • From PIttsburgh (PA) to Boston, MA – $459
  • Minneapolis, MN to Chicago IL - $431

If you have any questions or need a price quote for affordable auto transport, please call us at the number at top of this page. All estimates are free for all customers. There is no obligation or payment.