Posted on 04/22/22

Schedule Your Auto Transport Delivery

Schedule Your Auto Transport Delivery

You're in a very select group if you ship a car. Most people find the timing and scheduling of auto transport important. This is because they need to schedule it around certain dates. It is important to be familiar with the basics of auto transport. This includes how far ahead you should schedule it and what shipping options you have.

Plan Ahead

It is important to plan ahead for any type of vehicle transportation service. Although most shipping companies do not require a lot of time to schedule and execute deliveries, it is a good idea to give them at least two weeks. You should allow yourself time to research and compare auto transporters before you call anyone to get a quote. It's a good idea if you require additional services such as storage or door-to-door shipping, to give yourself a bit more time. It can be a benefit to shippers if you are flexible with your schedule. Although they will do their best to deliver within a given time frame, sometimes unexpected delays can occur.

Door to Door Open Air

Your delivery time can be affected by the shipping method you choose. You will want your vehicle delivered quickly and in the most convenient way, so you should opt for door-to-door enclosed shipping. This type of transport is used to pick up the vehicle from a particular address and deliver it to that address. Open-air shipping is not an option. Enclosed transportation offers greater protection. Also, enclosed transport allows for fewer cars to be shipped at once (usually not more than two), which means the transport carrier can travel more miles per day and have a lighter payload to reduce delivery times.

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Auto Transport when Moving

It is even more crucial to coordinate everything so that your car arrives on time. You will need to contact both a shipping company and a vehicle transport company . If you work with a company that offers both services, it is easier to arrange everything to arrive at the same moment. This also gives you a chance to receive a discount. You should be generous in the time you give to a shipper and mover.

Storage is an Option

You can arrange for short-term storage with most auto shipping companies if you are unable or unwilling to be there when your vehicle is delivered. They may be able to connect you with another company that offers storage if it is not offered. Even if your vehicle will be delivered, short-term storage can be an option. It will be easy to get to the delivery point to pick up your truck or car with peace of mind.