Posted on 04/21/22

Same Day Pickup Vs Next Day Pickup Services

Same Day Pickup Vs Next Day Pickup Services

Pickup by vehicle is a unique service, mainly because of the ease it provides customers. The delivery and pickup times are different for each user.

People want their car picked up as soon as possible, but many people use delivery companies that are not trustworthy or reliable.

The final result is a customer experience that is unbeatable. This is Move Car's main focus.

Pickup services are high-quality and always premium. Our vehicle pickup services are well-organized. We also offer a variety of next-day and same-day services that allow our clients to receive excellent services based on their preferences.

Same-Day Pickup Services

Move Car makes it easy to pick up your vehicle, even if it needs to be picked up the same day you request. We pick up vehicles the same day as customers who order same-day pickup. Move Car's pickup service is reliable, efficient, and fast.

We guarantee a reliable same-day pickup service

Because of our extensive operations network across the country, we can guarantee a reliable same-day pickup service. We can pick up vehicles from any location in the country thanks to this extensive network. We are able to accommodate any terrain changes and challenges with our shipping schedule.

We can also guarantee same-day pickup due to the availability of powerful and efficient mobile trucks. We can pick up vehicles quickly and efficiently from our clients' doorsteps with this equipment. Without a doubt, we are the best vehicle shipping company near you.

How to Choose the Same Day Shipping Feature

If a client chooses to have their vehicle picked up the same day, this means that they want to speed up the process. These steps will ensure that the process is secure:

Get a price estimate as soon as possible

To request any service at Move Car, the first step is to request a free quote. This personalized quote should be requested as soon as possible. We can manage our time so that we can pick up the vehicle on the same day as the request.

Request a quote early in the morning

It is best to request same-day shipping services as soon as possible. It is important to time your request correctly. The better chances you have of receiving the vehicle the same day, the more urgent the request.

Send all information as soon as possible

It is important that clients provide all necessary information in order to expedite shipping. The contact information, vehicle type, shipping information, and pick-up location are the required information. Before you request pickup, it is important to remove all personal items from the vehicle.

Ask questions

Our staff is reliable and can be reached 24 hours a day by our customer service team. We are available to answer any questions regarding the shipping and picking process.

What is the cost for same-day pick up?

Costs for same-day pickup vary depending on shipping distance, whereabouts, and vehicle type. Clients who require an expedited pickup will pay $300 for 200 miles.

The shipping method can also affect the cost of shipping. An enclosed carrier will be more expensive than an open carrier. However, an open carrier can also transport other vehicles at once. Enclosed carriers are better than open carriers because they can be picked up within the 24-hour deadline for same-day pickup.

Next-Day Pickup Services

For urgent requests, our same-day pickup service can be a great option. Customers' items may be picked up the next day due to the limitations of 24-hours and the distance drivers can travel in a single day. We will pick up the vehicle the next day if we are unable to meet the request. To make it easier for scheduling, you can also request next-day pickup. We are reliable in our next-day pickup service and take special care to meet the needs of each client.

Next-day pickup is a time saver. Clients can better evaluate their requests and prepare the vehicle to be picked up. We also have more time to prepare the route and execute the pickup plan. However, it is up to the client what works best for them. All of our services are top-notch.

We also offer other services

We, Move Car, are an experienced company with a vast shipping network and the resources and facilities necessary to exceed our clients' expectations. We provide unique services to meet in the needs of our customers.

These services are organized and managed well, and provide a feeling of reliability and dependability for our clients.

These services include:

  1. Door to Door Delivery
  2. Shipping from Terminal to Terminal
  3. Open and Enclosed Transport
  4. Shipping locally and long-distance
  5. Transport of motorcycles
  6. Classic Cars Shipping
  7. Boat Transport
  8. RV Shipping
  9. Heavy Equipment Transport
  10. Luxury, Exotic, and High-end Transport
  11. Shipment of ATVs, UTVs, and Off-road Vehicles
  12. Snowmobile and watercraft transport
  13. Military POV Transport

You can find all our services on our services page. This page contains more information about the benefits and processes involved in each service offering. To help customers choose the right service, we offer a free quote. Move Car will take care of your pickup. There are no delays, dangers, or security threats.


Move Car is the best in what we do. We offer reliable, efficient, and cost-effective services at reasonable prices. We are proud of our reputation as a reliable vehicle shipping company thanks to the numerous positive reviews. Get in touch with us today to arrange for your vehicle's pickup!