Posted on 10/26/21

Safely And Securely Shipping Your Luxury Automobile

Safely And Securely Shipping Your Luxury Automobile

It is important that you choose the right luxury car transport company to ship your vehicle. Your high-end car can go through a lot of miles and suffer unnecessary wear and tear. It can put a lot of miles on your high-end vehicle and cause unnecessary wear and tear.

Imagine you are moving from Miami to Los Angeles. You just purchased a 1966 Ford GT40 copy and had it lovingly restored to mint condition. This is a vintage luxury sportscar and you will need to maneuver it through interstate traffic or to have it moved inelegantly behind an unloading truck or van. You might also own a 1957 Testa Rossa, a Lexus, BMW, or Mercedes-Benz. You're now the proud owner of a special automobile. Now you need to ship it. It's not something you would want to do. You could have one of the X-Men teleport it to your new home.

Transport luxury cars

How do you ship your luxury vehicle? It's not like shipping a box with its spare parts. Shipping a vehicle is different from shipping a box. Automobiles must be carefully placed onto a large vehicle carrier or covered semi-trailer and then transported across the country by an auto relocation specialist. It is not cheap to ship a luxury automobile across the United States.

It's not something you can trust to do. There are many vehicle shippers/car movers available to help you move your car to where it is needed. You can be sure that your car, which you cherish so much, will arrive at your new home safe and sound.

Before you pick up your luxury car

You are a luxury car owner with highly discerning tastes. Before you make a decision, research all auto transport companies offering exotic car shipping services. Are they covered for cargo damage? Are they trustworthy? What are their past customers' opinions? How many customer complaints have they received?

It is important to know how a company ships. If they offer only open-car carriers for shipping, then you should move on to the next transport company. Open carriers are more susceptible to rock chips, sandblasted painting, and other problems. You should book your car for an enclosed carrier or covered carrier to have it delivered directly to the destination. You can use a car cover if you have to rely on an unenclosed carrier.

Take a Few Actions:

  • Make sure that your car has enough fuel to get it on the transporter.
  • Record your Vehicle: Pay attention to the underside, rocker panels and exhaust. Any damage to your vehicle should be captured on video.
  • You should record the mileage on your odometer. Why? It doesn't make sense for your new Lexus, BMW, or Mercedes to arrive with just a few hundred more miles.
  • Record the Truck: Take video of the truck on which your car is mounted.
  • Record the Trucker: Make sure you keep a record of the luxury car transport specialist who took possession of your vehicle. Why? A) In case of a dispute, and b) Because occasionally a car shipper offers a discount for such recordings.

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Once your exotic car is delivered

You should send the checklist to anyone who will be receiving your vehicle. Photograph everything as your car is being unloaded from the transporter. Check your odometer. You should inspect your tires for any unusual wear. Check your tires for unusual wear behind the wheel well.

My dad would have wanted me to sleep in his carport, and my beloved 1976 Corvette would have spent every night in mine. This attitude is not uncommon among luxury or exotic car owners. We get it. It can be nerve-wracking to give your car keys to someone else, even to transport it to a new location. The right vehicle shipper can help make moving your precious automobile to its new home a breeze.

Move Car Auto Transport offers luxury car transport services. We can handle transporting your vehicle from one location to the next or shipping it across the country.

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