Posted on 05/13/22

Road Map To Automobile Auction Sellers For Newbies

Road Map To Automobile Auction Sellers For Newbies

You can also sell your truck, car, SUV, or motorcycle through car auctions. But have you ignored this channel because it's not easy to navigate? It can be difficult to navigate the car auction market, but we have your back! Move Car Auto Transport is a leader in auto transport and has been since 2010. We're experts at the art of the car sale. Why? Because we are a little obsessed with all things cars. You can count on us to provide insider tips, tools, and other information that will help you sell your first vehicle at an auction without fear.

Tips for First-Time Auto Auction Sellers

Make sure you have all your paperwork in order. This is the first and most important step. You must be able to prove ownership of the vehicle with a title or a dealer license in order to legally sell it.

Do your research. You need to know the value of your car before you sell it at auction. A reserve price is a price that you will accept for the vehicle. It is determined by the research done to determine its market value. This is where you need to be realistic. You should not set a price too high for the vehicle's market value, but you shouldn't set the bar too low that you lose money.

Be honest about the condition of your vehicle. It is a bad idea to exaggerate the state of your car. Although you may be passionate about your vehicle and have many fond memories, it is important, to tell the truth about its condition when it goes up for auction. You can even make it worse by trying to conceal damage or avoid answering questions about the condition of your car. This will make potential buyers suspicious and less likely to purchase from you. Although they understand that your car may not be brand new, buyers at an auction don't want to deal directly with dishonest sellers. If you don't, selling your car at an auction is likely to be a huge waste of time.

Find the right auction for you. When selling your car at an auction, there are many options. The best option is to choose the one that matches your vehicle. There are both online and live car auctions. If your car is in poor condition, live auctions might be the best option. Dealers often purchase these cars to make parts or scraps. You don't have to travel far to bid on your car, and you can also sell it online. Make sure you match the auction to your vehicle type. Many auctions are specialized in certain types of cars, such as muscle cars, vintage cars, or high-end sports vehicles.

Your car should be a success. A picture is worth a thousand pictures. Don't forget to take high-quality photos of your car. Also, don't skimp when it comes to detailing. Before your car goes to auction, make sure you have all details shared. Your descriptions are just as important. Buyers are looking for information:

  1. How many were made?
  2. It is owned by how many people?
  3. History of the car
  4. What is original?

As buyers won't always believe you, supporting facts, documentation and proof can be extremely useful.

Find an Automobile Auction near you. For a complete list of auto auctions and events, visit Old Car Weekly's calendar. !

Shipping Cars to and from Car Auctions

You're now ready to learn how to get the best price for your car at an auto auction. Let's talk about the options for transporting your vehicle to and from the auction. Car shipping is how smart automobile owners move their cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles from one place to the next. You might be moving for a better job, sending your children off to college, or purchasing the perfect vehicle from an unknown seller. If you have the ability to hire a professional to transport your vehicle, car shipping is the best and most cost-effective way to get it to its destination. Move Car Auto Transport is here to help. For nearly a decades, Move Car Auto Transport has provided quality car shipping services that include:

Every shipment comes with world-class insurance

Ability to ship cars, SUVs and motorcycles, as well as vintage cars, luxury sports cars, and other vehicles.

Tracking in real-time

Instant online auto transport quote with no hidden fees

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Guaranteed to be free from any damage

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We wish you all the best at the car auction! When you are ready to ship your next vehicle to us, stop by Move Car Auto Transport to get a free, instant quote for car shipping.