Posted on 04/27/22

Reverse Snowbird

Reverse Snowbird

The trend to become a reverse snowbird is becoming more popular as more people discover that they love living in warmer climates. People who used to travel to sunny places in winter are now able to live there full-time, and then return to their homes in the summer.

Reverse snowbirds travel from Florida and New York, or Arizona and Illinois each year. They live in the sun and return home for a few months every year, which is a different to previous years.

A condo sales director in Florida stated that people are more likely to work from home than ever before. Many buyers this year stated that they looked out of their windows and decided they don't want to wait five more years to achieve what they desire. These couples decided that they'd rather live in Florida all year than fly back and forth.

The Traditional Path of the Snowbird

People who live in snowbirds are those who spend winters in Arizona, Florida, Texas and enjoy the warmer climate while they return home to colder weather in New York City, Chicago and Boston.

Many rent houses or condos in warmer climate cities. They travel from New York to Miami every year from Thanksgiving through April. They're now doing the exact same thing but reversed, going back north in the summer after spending nine to 10 months in Florida.

Barron reports that this trend was accelerated by the pandemic, when many people fled the northeast to flee areas where it first struck the hardest. Many people decided to not return and became reverse snowbirds.

Reverse snowbirds tend to keep their homes in Illinois, New York, or Massachusetts. This means they make the round trip at least twice per year. They are now looking for larger homes in Florida and Texas where they can enjoy lower taxes, a more relaxed lifestyle and better public and magnet schools.

Auto Transport for Reverse Snowbirds

Many reverse snowbirds use car transport services to make their trek from their home state to the south at least twice per year. The professionals can move their cars for them, which has many benefits.

Travel costs can be reduced by using reverse snowbirds, who can hop onboard a plane to arrive at their destination in just a few hours. They can pay for fuel, lodging and food throughout the trip, which can be several days.

Reduce car wear and tear by shipping your vehicle.

Avoid time and hassle. It can be tiring to travel a thousand miles, especially in bad weather. These concerns are eliminated by having your car transported.

Reverse snowbirding is a growing trend. As the popularity of living with lower taxes and warmer climates continues to grow, it's unlikely that this trend will stop. Consider using car transport services to ease the transition for those who make the change.