Posted on 06/09/22

Outlook Of Auto Transport Career

Outlook Of Auto Transport Career

Auto transport is flourishing as many people ship vehicles both nationally and internationally. Not only are people shipping cars, but also boats, heavy hauls, classic cars, and sports cars, as well as motorcycles, large SUVs, and trucks. Many people move for work or seasonal auto transport, and there are many opportunities for transportation jobs.

Other Vehicle Carriers

Some jobs in auto transport involve large hauls of 6-10 vehicles, while others require single car carriers. Single car carriers only need a regular driver's license. There is no training. To transport another vehicle, you must have a clean driving record. You would be paid to drive the car from one dealership to the other. A CDL (commercial driver’s license) is required for driving large trailers. It includes all the necessary training and certifications.

How do I start a job in auto transport?

You should look for an experienced company to provide you with a driving certificate form if you're looking for a job in auto transport. Before you start any work with the company make sure it is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Verify the company before paying any fees.

Meets the Requirements For Multiple Vehicle Transportation

A driver who is responsible for multiple vehicles must meet certain requirements:

  • CDL (Commercial Driver's License).
  • Insurance Card
  • General liability coverage
  • A USDOT (US Dept of Transportation) number
  • Register with the FMCSA (The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), and have an MC number (Motor Carrier).

How to find a job

It is important to decide if you are going to transport one vehicle or several vehicles. You should contact car dealers if you want to transport individual vehicles. The work can be part-time, and the pay may not be as high. This will allow you to get the experience you want.

You will need to reach out to your local transport broker or auto transport carrier to find work for multiple vehicles. While you may need some experience, many companies will provide training on the spot. You can buy or lease a vehicle if you are offered a job at a company.

Follow these steps to get closer to the job you want in auto transportation. You can work as an auto transportation worker part-time or full-time. This is a great way for extra income and to have the chance to travel to many places.