Posted on 02/07/22

On Road Adventures Top Vacation Destinations To Slingshot Rentals

On Road Adventures Top Vacation Destinations To Slingshot Rentals

An autocycle can be a great option for tourists who want to travel around the country. It allows you to glide through scenic places, see the sights and feel the breeze in your face. Slingshot rentals are becoming more popular as autocycles gain popularity all over the country. You can find them everywhere from small desert towns to large cities and lush islands.

You can rent an autocycle to experience the ultimate joy ride, no matter where you are. You'll not only be able to cover more ground and take insights that you might not have otherwise seen, but you'll look great doing it. We'll be taking a look at the top four vacation spots for your next autocycle adventure.


You can cruise through the red rocks and beautiful southwest scenery. Although this desert town is small, the sheer size of the sandstone mountains that tower over you makes up for it. A stunning canyon drive leads to the surrounding area, which takes you to a ghost town that was once a mine. The vastness of the desert is also visible.

Check out Sedona Can-Am ATV Rentals. You can choose from both on-road and off-road vehicles to make the most out of your vacation. The Slingshot rental rates range from $50 per hour to $375 for 10hrs, with additional insurance and a $1,000 security deposit.


Are you looking for tropical fun? Enjoy a cruise along the stunning mountains, rainforests, beaches, and cliffs of Maui. Renting an autocycle is a great way to explore the island in one day.

Maui Kart, a 5-star-rated rental company for autocycles, offers both rentals and guided tours. For a two-hour rental of a Polaris Slingshot, they charge $129 plus additional hours and a $1500 Rental Collision Protection Insurance Policy deductible.


It is the city that has everything: lights, shows, and casinos, as well as the Valley of Fire and the Hoover Dam. Rent a car that will make everyone smile and truly embody Vegas spirit.

Royalty Exotic Cars can make your dream come true. You can rent a Polaris Slingshot (three-wheeled motorcycle) or Can-Am Ryker. If you feel super stylish, rent a Polaris Slingshot or Can-Am Ryker (three-wheel motorcycle). Royalty offers two-hour rentals starting at $299-499 depending on the vehicle you choose.


You are now in the Land of Beach-front Skyscrapers and Glamour Tourists. Miami is the ideal place to visit, with its white sandy beaches and Little Havana. You can cruise through the city or take a scenic route along the ocean, but you must do it on an autocycle.

For all your Polaris Slingshot requirements, check out Lux Moto Rents. The cost of renting an autocycle ranges from $250 for four hours to $450 over 24 hours with a $1,000 security deposit.

You are looking to buy an autocycle rather than rent it? Get a shipping estimate with Move Car right away!