Posted on 01/10/23

Obtaining Quotes For Car Shipping Services

Obtaining Quotes For Car Shipping Services

Although pricing is an important factor in car shippers' decision-making, it can also be the most confusing. Although there are many companies that are eager to provide quotes, it can feel like prices vary widely. How do first-time car shippers compare estimates, when there is no way to know what the future holds?

Determine your shipping needs

Consider the distance you need to ship your car, the type of transport you prefer (open or enclosed), and any specific requirements or requests you may have, such as expedited shipping or door-to-door service.

Research car shipping companies

Look for car shipping companies that offer the type of transport and services that meet your needs. Look for reviews and testimonials from previous customers, and compare prices and services offered by multiple companies.

Request quotes

Contact the car shipping companies you are considering and request quotes for their services. Be sure to provide them with all relevant information, such as the make and model of your car, the pickup and delivery locations, and any special requests you may have.

Compare quotes

 Compare the quotes you receive from different car shipping companies and consider factors such as price, services offered, and the company's reputation.

Choose the best option

 Once you have compared the quotes and evaluated the different companies, choose the car shipping company that offers the best combination of price, services, and reputation for your needs.

Every company that offers a quote to ship a car is a broker. The broker will use the price to confirm a carrier. The broker will provide a quote and then you can decide on the final price. There is no standard fleet for shipping cars door-to-door. Although it might seem easier to hire a trucker directly without the intermediary, the carriers don't have the resources or the staff to manage customer service. They can only focus on driving and truck maintenance because it is more cost-effective. Therefore, they rely on broker listings for the best jobs in their area.

Carriers create routes based on the availability of customers in an area and choose the highest-paying jobs that correspond to their week's run. Routes can vary from week to week and seasonally because customers are different. The gas prices can also vary, which impacts the offer that carriers are willing to accept. Some areas are more affected than others by seasonal moves. Therefore, different rates will apply to shipping during the summer and winter.

Another factor that influences the final price is vehicle dimensions. For example, different types of SUVs take up more space than standard sedans and require higher pay. The final cost of the load will depend on how many vehicles are included.

Brokers provide potential car shippers with an estimate to confirm when a trucking company agrees to the job. While reliable brokers will give the best estimates, it is possible to raise the offer to confirm a carrier in under-served areas or due to seasonal changes.

 we are available to answer any questions you may have about your quote. We're always happy to help first-time car shippers understand the pricing process.