Posted on 07/04/22

Northbound Snowbirds

Northbound Snowbirds

Although it may not yet be summer, the air is becoming warmer and flowers are slowly sprouting from the ground. This means spring is finally here for those who have survived the winter harsh. As the sun warms our cheeks, we can also welcome back fellow snowbirds. A snowbird is a northerner who travels south to warmer climates for winter. Snowbirds can flee the north to stay in warmer climates for up to four months and avoid the winter.

Are there any northerners who were made to endure the snow and cold this winter?

Snowbirds Are Flocking To Florida

Snowbirds enjoy the best weather all year. The only problem is the long travel time to and from the South. The majority of snowbirds flock to Florida. If you drive, it can be quite a journey from the north. Many snowbirds will drive the long distance to get their car, which is a common reason for them. Many disgruntled snowbirds can be the result. However, there's a better way!

They should consider using auto transport companies to help them get their car to the north. This can be a hassle if they are driving from Florida to Illinois, which can take as long as two days. Move Car allows snowbirds to have their car picked up in Florida and then dropped off in Illinois. This will allow them to enjoy some more sun before they board a plane back home. A short plane ride sounds better than a lengthy, relaxing "winter".

The skeptical snowbirds will be happy to know that shipping a car back for your trip is possible. This will allow you to keep the laid-back summer vibe all year.

Shipping a Car: Snowbird Advantages

Save Time

It's not an easy task if you've ever done it. It usually takes two days, as most snowbirds are retired and don't want to do the entire trek in one day. You don't have to spend two days trekking, but you can ship your car and save nearly 20 hours. The auto shipping company should know when your vehicle must be picked up. They will also need to be present at the time your vehicle is loaded onto the truck. You can then meet your car back in the north several days later.

Save Money

Many snowbirds believe that shipping their vehicle to another country is a good idea. However, it might be too expensive. However, auto transport costs are usually very affordable. It can be easy to forget the cost of driving back, but it can add up quickly. You will likely need to pay for a hotel as driving through the city isn't an attractive option.

You may be shocked at the number of dollars you spend on fuel and food. Our instant shipping rate calculator allows you to easily compare driving costs with shipping costs. You can get an instant price quote for shipping a car from Clearwater Fla. to Chicago Ill. without revealing any personal information.

Save Wear and Tear Your Car

Driving long distances can really put a strain on your car. It's not ideal to put hundreds of miles on your vehicle. A car transporter allows you to safely place your car on a carrier, then move it from one location to the next without any wear or tear. This is the ideal situation for snowbirds who want to preserve their car's value and keep them in top shape.

You can see that shipping your car is more beneficial than driving it back home on your own. Although it may seem too late to join the auto transporter wagon this season when next year comes around and you are ready to move south again, keep these benefits in your mind and call Move Car Auto Transport to ship for you. To get started, call one of our friendly shipping experts.