Posted on 08/10/22

Nonfunctional Auto Transport

Nonfunctional Auto Transport

As the name implies, inoperable automobiles are those that have stopped working due to technical issues or faults. A vehicle that you are unable to drive is inoperable. This applies regardless of whether it was damaged in a collision or has a fault by itself.

These vehicles are not safe to drive so you will need to hire special automotive inoperable services to transport them.

Are you a homeowner with one of these vehicles in your garage? Do you want to transport it somewhere, or repair it, but you are unable to drive it? You can fix it. Some automobile transportation companies provide inoperable vehicle transportation services.

No matter the vehicle's size, make or model, any non-running vehicle can be transported. Even your vintage car that is currently in your driveway and cannot be driven can be transported to be repaired and made driveable.

Services An Inoperable Auto Transport Provide

Many people think that auto transportation is just about moving working autos from one location to the next. To get rid of an inoperable vehicle, you will need to contact a scrap dealer.

Transporting a vehicle that is not running has never been easier. Many auto shipping companies offer the ability to ship your vehicle that is not running. If you need your vehicle repaired or to be put up for auction, an auto shipping company can help.

A forklift is used to lift non-running vehicles. It is also known as a forktruck on a trailer. A forklift, an industrial truck used to load and lift materials, is available.

These companies can also assist you in the event of a car accident that results in your vehicle being damaged or broken. Because they have agents across the country, these companies can arrange expert transport to transport your non-operational car.

How to prepare your car for transport

These are some things that you should do before your vehicle is shipped.

  • Please inspect your vehicle before delivering it to an auto transporter. You might have left something important there once the vehicle was used. You might even have important papers or money among them. Even though auto transport companies are careful with their vehicles, they can't be held responsible if you have any valuables left behind.
  • It is best not to transport anything that might increase shipping costs, like spoilers or tires. The car's size can also impact shipping prices.
  • It is better to empty your petrol tank before you decide to sell your car or give it away forever. Reusing the fuel can save you money.
  • If your vehicle has been involved in an accident, and it is not running, you will need to take your personal items, such as your keys, cards, and mobile phone.

How to Choose an Inoperable Auto Transport

There are some things to remember if you want to ship an inoperable vehicle.

  • Research is a good idea. It is best to take your time with such tasks and not rush them. You may be negatively affected if you rush. Research the services offered by each company. Choose the one that suits you best and then go for it.
  • Another important step is to research shipping costs charged by different companies. Each company has its own cost structure. When determining the cost of an auto transport service, companies take into account car models and sizes. Choose the one that suits your needs best.
  • Some auto transport companies do not offer the possibility of transporting inoperable vehicles. Some companies only transport working automobiles. Look for a company that offers car transport services.
  • Open transport can be more expensive than enclosed car transportation . It's best to choose the latter.

Auto transportation companies use inoperable vehicles to ship

Two ways can auto transport companies transport your vehicle. You have the option to choose which one you prefer for vehicle transportation.

Transportation open

Open car shipping is an affordable way to move cars across the country. This involves the use of a multi-car trailer. This method allows for multiple automobiles to be loaded onto an open trailer.

This is a great option for people who have inoperable cars. The car might be damaged by weather like rain, snow, or scorching heat. You might need to compromise.

Transport enclosed

This type of vehicle transport offers extra protection from the elements and weather that could cause damage to the vehicle. An enclosed vehicle transport system is used to transport the cars. This is an excellent alternative for exporting luxury or high-end cars.

Enclosed carriers can only transport a small number of vehicles at a time, typically up to seven. This option is costly and can be very expensive. Those who transport their inoperable vehicles usually opt for Open transportation--people who bring a new vehicle use this option mostly.

Tips for choosing a company to ship an inoperable auto

These are some additional tips to keep in mind as you consider shipping your vehicle.

  1. Simply select the company that offers reliable services. Every company has its own cost structure, as per corporate rules. You should choose businesses that offer the best services at a fair price. Shipping costs can be affected by the type of vehicle. We will discuss this in a section later.
  2. It is a good idea to give the company team the vehicle model and destination. They will then be able to inform you about the cost. You will know if the company is a good fit for you.
  3. This was something we stressed earlier and will reiterate again: Before you give your car to an auto transport company, make sure it is inspected. Sometimes we forget to bring our identification cards or other vital cards. They can easily be lost or mishandled if they are not properly secured.
  4. You might need your vehicle quickly if you are selling it or need it to be delivered to your desired location quickly. They may charge you more. Notifying the firm of any additional charges following your Inoperable vehicle delivery will not cost you a lot.

What are the most important things that we care about when it comes to services? Charges, right? Let's talk about the factors that can affect the cost of transporting an inoperable vehicle.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Inoperable Vehicle Transportation

  • Your vehicle's size, whether it is large or small, and its model and type will have a significant impact on the cost of transportation.
  • Another important element is distance. It's common knowledge that the farther you travel, the higher the cost.
  • Open vehicle transport is more affordable than closed. The closed one can be very expensive.
  • It also depends on the company. While some well-known companies can be costly, others will have a more affordable price.
  • You might also pay a bit more if the fastest delivery option is chosen for your non-running vehicle.

How to Transport an Inoperable Vehicle

For a non-running vehicle, the process for applying for auto transport services is the same as for running vehicles. It will take more research and planning to export an automobile that isn't starting or can't be driven. It can be difficult to drive an unrunning vehicle.

It is possible to transport a fully functioning car easily as it can be driven onto trailers. Without heavy machinery or equipment, it is not possible to transport undrivable vehicles in trailers. To make this possible, the company would need to hire a professional.

To transfer a non-running vehicle, you will need to have the right tools. Professionals who are skilled in using machineries such as lift gates and winches can make the conveyance possible. It is very expensive to transport an inoperable vehicle. Many companies don't offer transportation for non-operable vehicles.

  • Non-operational vehicles are loaded into trucks using special forklifts at a designated spot. The vehicle is safely loaded by professionals. It is difficult to move it once it has been loaded.
  • The driver will safely drive the car with all four wheels facing him. If one tire is not present, a forklift may be required. Everything is determined by the condition of the vehicle being transported.

Is Transporting An Inoperable Vehicle Expensive Than Operable One?

The answer is yes. It does not necessarily mean that transporting functional vehicles is accessible for everyone. Why is it so expensive to transport non-running vehicles? These are the details.

  • You can't drive your car to trailers if it isn't working or the engine won't turn on. This requires special equipment. Transport companies would have to either liftgate or winch the items in the trailer.
  • A forklift or roll-back truck must be used to load a car that has been damaged in an accident or collision.
  • Towing companies often pick up vehicles that have been involved in collisions and are not able to drive. Towing companies may not have the tools necessary to load a non-operational vehicle onto a trailer.
  • Many auto carriers are capable of moving non-running or wrecked vehicles. The transportation of these vehicles can be slow as only a handful of trucks are capable. To transport inoperable vehicles, trucks must be equipped.
  • You need professionals to operate this apparatus and machinery.

Transporting inoperable vehicles can be more expensive than transporting fully functional vehicles. Don't be surprised if you pay more for this. It's just how it works. This type of transportation requires a more innovative strategy. It will require more planning, precision, advanced machinery, and a higher price. Get a free quote for shipping an inoperable vehicle.

Vehicles that are inoperable, but can be transported

You are mistaken if you think only inoperable cars or small vehicles can be transported. Every inoperable vehicle, regardless of whether it is a car or motorbike, can be transported. An "inoperable vehicle" is any car, truck, van, or automobile that is propelled by an engine, except watercraft.

They can be repaired and re-used, as not all inoperable cars have to end up in a junkyard or scrap yard. Many people mistake junk or salvaged vehicles for inoperable ones. A junk vehicle is one that can't be used on public roads or operated by anyone else. A junk vehicle is one that cannot be repaired.

Sometimes, you may see a vintage or classic car at auction and decide to purchase it. Auto shipping companies can deliver the vehicle to your house or anywhere else you require it. Almost every vehicle that is not in good condition can be shipped.


Transport is possible for any inoperable vehicle. This includes cars, trucks, and other vehicles. The cost of the entire procedure will depend on the vehicle's size, type, condition, and brand. Transferring an inoperable vehicle is expensive due to the equipment needed and its position in the trailer.

These services are not offered by all transport companies. Before you decide on the best one for you, make sure to thoroughly compare the prices and operation procedures of different companies.