Posted on 05/13/22

Newbies Guide To Car Buying Auctions

Newbies Guide To Car Buying Auctions

Car auctions appeal to everyone, from the car enthusiast to the frugal deal-lover to everyday Joe. They have a magical appeal that makes it possible to imagine being there. This same action can seem daunting, and it may even stop us from crossing "buy a vehicle at an auction" off our list. It's not necessary to abandon your dream of mastering the car auction landscape. Move Car Auto Transport is a leader in auto shipping and has a team of car enthusiasts who have been there. We have the information you need to be a pro at car auctions.

Car Auction Buyer Tips

Understanding Types of Car Auctions. If you are not a dealer, or are connected to one. You will likely be attending public auctions. A deposit is required when buying a car at an auction. A majority of car auctions require payment in full within the next day.

Do your homework. It's always a good idea for a newbie to attend a car auction to prepare. The car auction catalogs can be accessed online before the event, and are usually available in advance. Once you know your target vehicles, you can begin to do the necessary due diligence. If you have access to it, check the vehicle's blue book value, title history, and accident history. Look for reasons that the vehicle's price is higher or lower than its market value. Research harder if you have questions or things don't seem to add up. Ask your mechanic and search forums until you become an expert buyer.

Go IRL, If You Can. Many car auctions allow car buyers to place their bids online in advance or attend the event online. Even though this is your only option, it's much better to go to the auction in person, especially for novice car auctioneers. It is a great experience to see the car in person. If you are able to make it, go to your car auction in person. It's much more fun this way!

Try a Trial Drive. It's a great idea for a newbie buyer to take a test drive before purchasing your first car. You can take part in a few events and experience the atmosphere to get used to the process. You will be more prepared to purchase a car at auction in the future if you have gained confidence and insight from the trial run.

You can set your limit. After you have narrowed down your options or set your sights on a vehicle, it is time to establish your budget. Car auctions tend to be cash-oriented. Financing is not an option. Overspending could result in a loss of your savings. Once you have done your research to determine the vehicle's value, you can look at your financial goals to make sure they are in line. You can set your benchmark bid goals and your top-line limit and then stick to them.

Trust your gut. It's a good idea to be a little skeptical when you first start out in the car auction world. You should use your market knowledge and research to make informed buying decisions. Don't ignore your intuition if you feel something is not right about the owner.

Bring an expert along. Do you have a brother-in-law who works in the automotive industry? Have you thought of beer-sharing with your mechanic? Take them along to your first car auction. They'll likely be delighted to join you at your first car auction adventure. Their expertise may just help you find the perfect vehicle, even if they're new in town.

The Art of The Auto Auction Bid

Bidding is an essential part of car auction buying. There is a learning curve for those who have never been to a car auction or any other type of auction. You can ensure a positive outcome for your first car auction by understanding the process and applying some best practices. Here are some things you should know:

Keep your eyes on the task - Don't go to an auction with someone who could distract you from it. Do not scroll through Instagram on your phone, and don't be late for the auction.

Choose a spot with a view. From where you are seated, will you be able to see other bidders and vehicles in the room?

Set spending limits. Be clear about when you will stop. Develop a strategy for when to start before the first bid.

Consider your options for car shipping. You should weigh your options for shipping your car if you plan to attend a car auction far away from home, or if you are considering purchasing an inoperable vehicle. Although the auction might offer auto transport, it may not be the best or most affordable option. Move Car Auto Transport is the market leader in auto transport and specializes in helping car owners bring their newly-purchased vehicles home.

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