Posted on 11/16/21

My Date With A Hot Audi R8

My Date With A Hot Audi R8

The company outings are one of the best perks of Move Car. The Autobahn Country Club track was the venue for our last company event. Here we were able to experience and explore exotic Supercars like the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 and Ferrari F430, Porsche 911 Turbo, and others. Xtreme Xperience was one of our partners. They helped us organize our use of the track's 2.1-mile length. This included a training prep class that shares tips and safety rules.

It's easy for men to enjoy driving these powerful vehicles. Men are eager to find the fastest vehicle and have already made a decision that this would be the best experience. The approach for ladies is quite different.

The first challenge I faced was choosing one. I researched the details of each vehicle: their horsepower, top speeds, and suspension features. Unfortunately, this information was lost on most females, including myself. Given that my goal was to reach 100 mph without having to crash, it is easy for me not to have such detailed information. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to drive the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 at an earlier event in the year.

I was looking at the rows of cars, but my eyes fell on the boldly gorgeous Audi R8. It was instant love at first sight. I was already impressed by the exterior of the car and was eager to see what it contained inside. Could I be more impressed? YES!! It's clear that the interior was designed to maximize the R8's power. In my case, I was able to safely reach 100 mph in stunning style.

It was very easy to reach the pedals and gears. As I looked out at the track ahead, my hands were in the 9 or 3 positions, as suggested by our instructor. I was safe and ready to see what the Supercar had in store for me. Its contouring body and tailored driver's seat made me realize that this Audi R8 was the right car for me. Stats? Specs? Who has the need for such information? I don't need it! Sometimes it only takes one glance. This was one such moment. I thought hell. I might even reach 100 mph!

Although it wasn't a race against other drivers, I could feel a sense of competitive energy. It was GO TIME!

My R8 was tight around the corners and the driver's seat kept me in place. To get to know my new friend, I took the time to take the first laps. As I got to the end of the third lap, and into the fourth, my speed started to increase. My favorite laps were the 4th and 5th. I didn't have to be anxious or look at my gauges. I could see the road ahead of me and was not worried. I don't know how fast or slow it was, but I was enjoying the ride. My turns were smoothed quickly and I felt like flying after hitting the marks. I even passed another driver...OH, YEA! I felt great!

Even if you don't have the power to floor it, all that power is still thrilling. It was then that I understood why my male colleagues were so excited about these powerful machines. Although I wasn't ready to let it end at the sixth lap, I was determined not to give up and make it count. My goal was to get to 100 mph so I focused on pushing my partner as hard as possible on the final straightaway. He did not disappoint. To my complete delight and contentment, I exceeded my goal to reach 104 mph. It was obvious who was the winner of this nonrace; me and my Audi R8.

Message to my fellow ladies: You may think that you don't want to drive a Supercar at a real track but I can tell you, this Xtreme Xperience is extremely rewarding and one of the most memorable first dates I have ever had.