Posted on 07/01/22

Moving Your Car Across The Country Special Considerations

Moving Your Car Across The Country Special Considerations

Moving across the country requires you to consider how you will get your family and belongings to your new place. Moving your vehicles is something that you may not think of at first. Each option has its own challenges. You can either drive your car or tow it with the trailer.

It can be challenging to drive your own car, especially if there are multiple people in your family. Are there two or three people in your family who are experienced drivers? Can they afford to take a few days off work to safely drive the long-distance? Include the cost of fuel, lodging, and meals. A cross-country trip covering 3,000 miles would require nine tanks of gasoline, three to four nights at a hotel, and maybe a dozen meals. This could easily cost you over $1,000. If you are moving on your own, you will need to hire a driver for the truck.

Although towing your car may seem simple, it can cause damage to your vehicle if you don't have the right equipment or expertise.

You could also sell your car and buy a new vehicle once you get there, but you may prefer to keep it. Selling and buying a car quickly doesn't always yield the highest prices. This option might not be a good choice if you consider the additional time and effort involved in the sales and purchasing process.

You can ship your car without worrying about how it will get there. This is especially useful for long-distance moves.

Cross-Country Car Shipping Benefits

There are many benefits to shipping your vehicle instead of driving it or towing it yourself.

  • Time savings that are valuable
  • Convenience and ease
  • Your car will experience less wear and tear
  • Delivery is available door-to-door for most places
  • Possibility to ship multiple vehicles, if necessary

How to Ship Your Car Across the Country

Although it has many advantages, there are some things you should keep in mind when hiring an auto transport company to move a car.

Information about your vehicle

To get a precise quote, you will need to know the year and make of your vehicle. The cost of a smaller or more compact vehicle or motorcycle may be lower. The price may be higher for heavier or modified vehicles or RVs. These will need special equipment and extra care in order to provide full protection.

Open vs. Transport enclosed

It may be necessary to choose between an enclosed or open trailer. An open trailer will allow you to load your vehicle with other vehicles, similar to the way that many cars are stacked up and pulled behind large trucks. This option leaves your vehicle exposed to the elements and road debris.

Enclosed trailers, both soft-sided or hard-sided, provide extra protection from the elements, dirt, and dust, as well as shelter from road debris. An enclosed trailer can be useful or necessary, depending on the specifications of your vehicle.

Timeline and locations

Your quote will be affected by the distance between your destinations and the types of areas that the vehicle is being picked up from and delivered to. There are many costs involved in moving from rural to rural, from major city to major, and vice versa.

Even shorter distances can take several days depending on traffic, weather, and road conditions. The number of trucks and their destinations are another factor that can impact the time frame. Nine cars plus nine locations equals many stops. Nine cars dropped at four locations means fewer stops.


When it comes to insurance coverage, read the fine print. It is possible for a truck to be involved in an accident while it is being transported. Although this is unlikely, it could happen.

To learn more about the best practices and the available shipping options, check out our complete guide to shipping cars across the country.

Pick the best company for cross-country car transport

When shipping your vehicle, the most important decision is to choose the right company. Move Car Auto Transport provides long-distance auto shipping services for vehicle owners throughout the United States. To provide the security and peace of mind our customers deserve, we only work with insured and licensed carriers. Give us a call today or visit to get an instant quote. We look forward to working with you!