Posted on 01/18/22

Moving To Austin

Moving To Austin

Austin is a unique place to live, whether you are moving there for work or pleasure. It's actually more like a small town than a city.

Austin locals will tell you that there is no other place like it. It is located in Texas but Austin is very different from other Texas towns.

Austin has something for everyone. It's not difficult to find your niche.

We will give you all the details about moving to Austin, Texas. Continue reading to find out why Austin is so popular, how to choose a place to call home, and how auto transportation and shipping your possessions to your new house are best handled.

Why People Move to Austin, TX

It is not possible to choose one reason for someone to move to Austin. While one thing may draw people in, it's not all that makes them stay. Let's take a look at some of the best things about Austin, TX.

Live Music Capital of the World

Austin has live music no matter the hour. Austin is known for being the capital of live music and it does everything to live up to this title.

You'll find a whole city section dedicated to live music and drinks, mainly country music. There are many tourist attractions nearby and students at college.

East 6th Street, also known as the " hipster" section of 6th Street, depends on who you ask. Here you will find up-and-coming artists and craft cocktails, and beers to suit every taste.

Music Festivals

Austin City Limits has been called one of the largest music festivals in the country. It is also the biggest in the entire world. Two weekends of live music by the best musicians attract people from all walks of life. ACL will have something for everyone, no matter what your musical preference.

Each year, Austin's SXSW festival brings together filmmakers, tastemakers, music producers, and others to collaborate and show their work. The festival takes place in over 50 venues throughout the city, and it lasts several weeks. This makes it stand out from other arts festivals. You're certain to find at least one SXSW show that you won't regret.

Austin has a music festival for everyone, regardless of your preferences, no matter what genre.

Outdoor Activities

No matter what season it is, Austinites love to spend time outside. Everyone wants to beat the heat in the summer. They head to the rivers and lakes for some relief. Canoeing, kayaking, and swimming all make summer great.

It won't get very cold in the winter months. You can enjoy hiking, biking, and barbecue cookouts on the many trails.

Foodie's Paradise

Texas is known for its barbecue, and Austin delivers. Austin offers more than just comfort food and smoked meats. It's not surprising that Austin is home to many different cultures. You can find almost any type of food.

Tacos are a favorite among Austin residents, and Austin natives love Asian food as much as any other city.

What you should know about Austin, TX

Okay, that's all. But what about the details of living in Austin, TX? There are many things to do in Austin, TX. Before you move to Austin, here are some details.

The Weather

This topic was touched upon briefly when we talked about outdoor activities. However, it is worth more than one mention. It might surprise you to find out that Austin is your first summer. It's hot.

Summer temperatures can reach 100 degrees. Drink plenty of fluids, and cool down when needed.

Summer might see you sweating out your toxins, but winter and fall will be extremely pleasant. You can expect cool mornings and evenings but more warm days. Layers are best as you will most likely need to remove a layer or two throughout the day.


Austin is 8th in safety among the US cities. The crime rate in Austin is significantly lower than that of the national average. There is no reason to be concerned about living in a poor part of town.

Montopolis, which is considered the most dangerous part of Austin, has a higher cost of living than other parts. However, crime is not a major concern for anyone moving to Austin, TX.

Cost of Living

Living in Austin, Texas is more expensive than elsewhere in Texas. The rent prices in Austin are comparable to other major metropolitan areas. Although Austin rents are more expensive than other cities, Austin residents make more than those who live outside the city. It could be said that it is even.

For a one-bedroom apartment, the average rent price is $1684. A one-bedroom apartment can be rented for $1,091 outside of the city center. Although rent is more costly, Austin's average household income is $76,000, which is much higher than Texas's.

Due to the high number of tech jobs in Austin, the higher income rates are likely to be due. The city is home to many large tech companies as well as startups, making it a mini Silicon Valley.

Austin Neighborhoods

Austin, like most cities, is comprised of smaller areas that have their own personality and residents-type. Consider each neighborhood depending on the Austin experience you are looking for.

North Central Austin

North Central Austin lies just north of downtown but is not far enough to be considered suburbia. Despite being far from the heart of Austin, there are plenty of shops and bars to keep you entertained. This area is also less expensive than the more central Austin areas.

East Austin

East Austin considers it a compliment to call someone "weird". This is the most walkable area of town. East Austin is home to many bars and music venues. You can walk less than one mile to find a coffee shop or a food truck around the corner.

East Austin has grown over the last two years. It's still somewhat of a secret town. You should move in if you are interested in being right at the center of all the action.

Downtown Austin

Downtown Austin offers a refined lifestyle. Living downtown comes at a high price. However, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy all of the amenities and luxury that downtown living offers. You can also see bats flying out of the Congress bridge every evening.

South Austin

South Austin is proud to be "weird" like East Austin. There are plenty of hip bars, restaurants, breweries, and bars in the area. South Austin is the most desired zip code in Austin because it is "SOCO" (South Congress). Expect higher rent prices and increased traffic because of this.

West Austin

If you don't want to live in a city and prefer rolling hills along a lake, West Austin is the right place for you. While the neighborhood is home to many luxurious estates and mansions, renters can still find affordable options. West Austin is known for its beautiful scenery and excellent schools. West Austin could be the perfect place to raise your children if you are looking for a quaint and scholarly city.

There's a neighborhood for everyone in Austin, whether you want sophistication, bustling nightlife, or beautiful scenery.

Moving to Austin TX

Once you have decided to move to Austin and found the right neighborhood for you, it is time to start packing. No matter how excited or nervous you may be about moving, it can be stressful.

Renting a UHaul truck is the most economical way to move your belongings. You can fill it up and drive it to your new house. Note: Austin, TX requires that you have a permit to move vehicles. Make sure to get one in advance!

car shipping service will help you move your vehicle from one place to another. These companies will pick up your vehicle at your home and deliver it to your new address. This makes it simple to transport your vehicle and belongings in one trip if you already own a U-Haul truck.

Move Car is Here to Help You Move

It's a huge step. You need to be able to help your family. Now that you have all the details about the location and the job you want, it's time to move.

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