Posted on 12/06/21

Move Car Pulls The Weight Of Each Car

Move Car Pulls The Weight Of Each Car

Move Car Auto Transport can pick up a car anywhere in the US. Move Car's driver Adrian K. was forced to pick up a car at a Copart salvage cars sale in Markham, IL. He is now making his way through our car shipping adventures section. His participation in our first car shipment adventure of Rumen is equally thrilling. It was April 13th, so he had to be there by the afternoon. Adrian had to be there by 4:30 pm, which is the usual closing time for them. Although he was running late, he knew that he needed to be there before the auction closed. He was there when the auction closed.

Manually loading a car onto a vehicle transporter - Yes, we can!

They frowned at him despite the fact that he was there as they had agreed. He smiled and continued to do his job. He was surprised to hear that the employees at the car auction would bring the car outside so he could load it onto the trailer. They said that the car would be left outside the gates until the closing time, and that he could load it himself.

They usually load the car onto the car haulers. The auction people stated that the car was in good condition and they dropped it off at the trailer. Adrian turned the ignition key, and the car started. It was running well so he was happy. Adrian pulled the trailer up in front of him to position it for loading.

The engine would not start when he reversed the car to load it. After trying to start the car several times, he gave up and started looking at the people who were selling it. It was too bad that no one was there to help him. The Copart forklift which unloaded the car already had left, and the gate was locked. He didn't want the hassle of manually loading a car onto an auto transporter but he had no choice.

The Struggle Began Outside The Gate

Adrian had to manually load his car onto the trailer. He connected chains to both the car's sides and began moving the car towards his trailer. To load the car onto his truck, he had to pull it inch by inch. Adrian managed to load the car onto the carrier trailer after nearly an hour of struggle.

He did it. Move Car's driver collected the car and took it to its final destination. He doesn't want it to happen again, and he doesn’t like the Copart employees now. He is still on the road, heading for his next pickup. You can expect more thrilling stories from Move Car Auto Transport drivers.