Posted on 03/03/22

Move Car Is Proud To Provide Trips For Kids

Move Car Is Proud To Provide Trips For Kids

Like children and bicycles, adults and cars can be paired together. Adults can choose to learn or trade and then save money to buy a car that suits their needs. Sometimes, owning a bicycle isn't an option for a child. Mountain biking adventures may seem like a distant dream for this child. Trips for Kids is the perfect place to start. We know how important your vehicle and family are to you. We take great pride in providing quality auto shipping service with integrity. Trips for Kids understands the importance of giving joy, recreation, and life skills to children who are less fortunate. Move Car is proud to partner with Trips for Kids as a sponsor.
Imagine the excitement of a child receiving a mountain bike, and set off on an adventure. However, Trips for Kids doesn't stop there.

What's so special about trips for kids?

Trips for Kids helps children understand the importance of a happy life by teaching them lifelong skills like:

  • Self-confidence
  • Joy: How can you experience it?
  • How to be aware of your environment
  • The art of success

Trips for Kids is more than just a way to help these kids, but it also teaches them how they can make a difference in the community.
Rides – Trips for Kids offers a Rides Program that allows hundreds of children to enjoy a bike ride. This gives them the opportunity to feel connected to a group and get out in the fresh air. These rides promote teamwork, camaraderie, mentorship, and camaraderie.
Earn-a bike - This innovative way to give youth the chance to learn about bicycle mechanics is Earn-a bike. It combines the needs of youth with those who are in need of a bicycle. These youth gain a sense of belonging and the chance to learn a skill while feeling proud. After completing this training, credits can be earned towards a bicycle. Some of these youth went on to be leaders in the earn a bike program.
Green Cyclers – As if Trips for Kids wasn't enough, they are also mindful of the environment. The programs include games, conversations, and workshops about environmental awareness.

What You Can Do

There are many ways you can make a difference:

  •  Create your own chapter  
  • Join an existing chapter
  • provide Bicycles and other equipment
  • Offer a financial contribution