Posted on 01/12/21

Move Car Auto Transport Voted As California Best Car Shipping Services Company

Move Car Auto Transport Voted As California Best Car Shipping Services Company

Relocating and shipping your car across the country during the pandemic can be extremely difficult. The relocation process is especially daunting for many American families and things get even more hectic if the family owns more than one car. Most Americans don’t trust online auto shipping companies because they think the process will take too much time and there is no guarantee for the safety of the shipped vehicle(s). However, this California based car shipping company Move Car is changing the perception with their Amazon-like technology, “Zealous Customer Support™”, quick shipping process, an instant, and transparent shipping quote, while offering unbeatable prices in the market. The company itself has been in the auto shipping industry for several years and has earned the title of America’s best car shipping company. The company has shipped classic cars, electric vehicles like Tesla, and exotic cars all over the US through its network. 


Sunnyvale, CA  - Jan 9, 2021 - Move Car Auto Transport located right across Google campus is one of the leading auto shipping vendors and is grabbing the attention of many individuals and businesses with its quality auto shipping services across the states. They have grown from a humble garage office to a large 2,000 sq ft facility right across Google campus in Sunnyvale, CA to fit the needs of individual and corporate customers who want to ship one or more vehicles safely without any delay. Move Car auto transport maintains more than 5000 auto shipping carriers in its network which allows it to provide instant pickup services without delaying any customer’s shipments. Some standout features of auto shipping services of Move Car are listed below:


Instant and Transparent Car Transport Quote:

One of the most highlighted features of Move Car auto transport is their ability to provide customers with an instant car shipping quote that includes a detailed description of all the types of charges included in the overall auto shipping fee. Their fees are upfront and transparent without any bait and switch tactics the auto shipping industry has employed for decades. The CEO of the company, Yasin was quoted saying “for decades this industry has been dysfunctional and has lacked transparency. Through our proprietary AI, we have eliminated the biggest concern of our customers about hidden bait and switch charges”. Move Car does not hide any type of charges from its customers because everything is included in the final shipping price quote evaluated by its on-site fair price estimator tool. The process of shipping a car has become as easy as booking airfare or a hotel online. Upon our private research, we have found that the industry is full of actors who claim to be the “best car shipping companies” while charging a record amount of money to the American public. Move Car auto transport has created a fair system that maintains a high quality of standard while honoring fair pricing to make the carriers and shippers happy. 


Multiple Auto Transportation Types:

Move Car offers vehicle transportation of multiple types, customers can opt for any type of vehicle transportation according to their needs and available budget. Currently, Move Car offers 4 car shipping methods including open car transport, enclosed car shipping, door to door auto transport, and expedited car shipping. Customers can choose any method of shipping for their own needs. To help you better understand these methods we will go into a bit of detail about each here. The open car shipping method allows customers to ship their cars at an affordable rate without waiting too much for auto shipping carriers. The Enclosed car transport method on the other hand is mostly used by exotic car owners in an enclosed container to keep it safe from any kind of damages that are likely to happen when a vehicle is shipped through an open shipping method and from harsh weather and elements on the road. The door to door auto transport method with Move Car auto transport is as easy as a ride-sharing service. Customers have to enter their exact pickup and drop-off location details and the trucker will arrive at their doorstep or the nearest safe place to pick up or drop off their vehicle requiring minimal effort from the customers. The expedited car shipping method is selected when customers want to ship their car to a specific destination by a particular date. This method is usually more expensive and only preferred if you would like to get your vehicle shipped urgently. Whatever the shipping method opted by the people who want to ship their car, we have found Move Car to be determined to deliver quality services from every aspect. 


Trained and Experienced Truckers:

Despite the large number of car haulers in its network, Move Car Auto Transport ensures  that every single carrier assigned shipping their customer’s vehicles is properly trained and has a clean driving record. Additionally, having a federal driving license and active insurance is necessary for the truckers who ship vehicles across the states on behalf of Move Car Auto Transport.  


Safety Compliant Shipping Carriers:

Move Car Auto Transport is known for its ultimate focus on the safety of vehicles shipped through it. Therefore, it maintains its safety compliance team that does the job of making sure that every truck driver in its network is trustworthy and meets its performance standards. Before picking up the vehicle, drivers have to perform a full-on inspection on their iOS and Android apps called “Move Car Hauler”. All of this record is then saved in their platform for the safety of their customers. Carriers assigned with the task of shipping vehicles are instructed to make sure the customers also inspect their vehicles during the pickup process and after the drop off to ensure that the car is damage-free. Customers also have to sign during pick up and drop off on the Move Car Hauler application. 


Trusted Brand among Shippers and  Carriers:

Move Car Auto Transport is known for its large network of auto shipping carriers with more than 5,000 car haulers who make their living on the Move Car Hauler platform. This large network consists of open car carriers, enclosed vehicle transporters, door to door shipping companies, and local expedited carriers. Regardless of what method customers choose for shipping of their vehicles, they are guaranteed a dispatch date. Shippers also get the details of the car hauler that is assigned to ship their vehicle to their specified destination in most cases less than 24 hours. 


Zealous Customer Support™:

Another great thing about Move Car, car shipping services is its Zealous Customer Support™. The Zealous customer support™ team of Move Car Auto Transport is known for its high availability, friendliness, and knowledge about the auto transport industry. Their team goal is compensated based upon the happiness of their customer’s reviews. With more than 49K positive auto transport reviews among different platforms, Move Car Auto Transport is just kicking off its journey as a global brand. 

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