Posted on 10/28/21

Mercedes Used In The Hangover Transported By Move Car

Mercedes Used In The Hangover Transported By Move Car

Although The Hangover Part III was released a few years ago, do you still remember the original movie that came out in 2009? Although it was quite some time ago, Move Car Auto Transport still feels nostalgia for the first movie's debut. It was difficult to forget the many memorable moments in that movie.

For example, who wants to be in a Vegas hotel room with a Bengal tiger? Or, carry around a random child all day until you realize it belongs to your friend. Oops! Our minds go back to Move Car, however, and we think of the 1965 silver Mercedes 280SE Cabriolet convertible that Move Car drove to Vegas to attend Doug's bachelor party.

We were part of the movie. Behind the Scenes Of Course

You all know what happened with that gorgeous Mercedes Benz. But do you know the story behind it and how it got to the film set? Move Car Auto Transport delivered the vehicle to its owner. The great thing about auto transport companies is that you often get to deliver amazing cars that are used at some really awesome events.

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Although shipping classic cars is not something we do often, it's a rare opportunity to ship cars such as the Mercedes in The Hangover. To get more details, we spoke with Frank Cacciatore (original owner of one of the Cabriolets featured in the movie).

First, if you were concerned about the car becoming totaled, it is worth noting that only one of the three Cabriolets was damaged. They actually used five cars, two of which were coupes, and one was a car that looked exactly like the vehicle. Two coupes were supposed to be destroyed but one of the Cabriolets was damaged in the chaos of filming. There's another "oops!" for you! Cacciatore's Cabriolet survived, thankfully. How did the vehicle make it to Cacciatore so that it could be used on the film set?

Transport the Hangover Mercedes

"Mecum Auctions actually visited and inquired about the silver 280SE Cabriolet convertible. They told me they bought it as a birthday present for someone. Cacciatore said that it wasn't until they had purchased the car that they told Cacciatore they intended to use the vehicle in The Hangover. Cacciatore bought the car in Detroit before it was even scheduled to appear in the movie as one of the "feature cars".

The car had to be shipped by an auto transport company in order to move it from Detroit to Chicago. Who was Cacciatore to transport the car from Detroit to Chicago? Move Car Auto Transport is the only one!

Cacciatore has been a collector of antique cars for a long time and this was not his first car shipped with Move Car. He said, "You know, you've probably shipped around 30 cars so far, and once I discovered Move Car, I stayed with Move Car." Cacciatore shipped another 280 SE Mercedes to Jupiter Fla. just a few minutes after the movie and used Move Car for that. "I believe Mike is fair, and he's the one I trust when I need my cars shipped."

Behind the scenes of movies like The Hangover, there are many things that go on. This is only one example. It is rare to think about how a classic car like that gets transported to the set. But, Move Car and other companies work hard to ensure everything runs smoothly. This beautiful Cabriolet was delivered quickly and elegantly, thankfully for Mecum, Cacciatore, and The Hangover Team. There may have been many more faces like these around.